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Wed Nov 11 2020

Books: Variation in Japanese Word Formation: Li

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Date: 08-Nov-2020
From: Ulrich Lueders <>
Subject: Variation in Japanese Word Formation: Li
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Title: Variation in Japanese Word Formation
Series Title: LINCOM Studies in Japanese Linguistics 09
Published: 2020
Publisher: Lincom GmbH

Book URL:

Author: Wenchao Li
Paperback: ISBN: 9783969390153 Pages: 252 Price: Europe EURO 82.80

The Japanese language is phonologically moraic and morphologically agglutinative. It is unique, with (a) a transitive/unaccusative verb alternation system rendered by morpheme; (b) split intransitivity; and (c) split subjectivity that is displayed in all part of speech (suffixes and prefixes, adjectives, particles, auxiliaries, nouns, adnominals, adverbs and transitive/intransitive verb pairs). Word formation in Japanese is an issue of phonology, morphonology and semantics. This book is composed of 10 chapters, which address formation in phonology and morphonology (nominal compounding, Chapter 5); formation in morpho-syntax (verb compounding, Chapter 3); formation in morphonology (derivation, Chapter 4); formation in syntax (middles, Chapter 6; split intransitivity, Chapter 8); and formation in semantics (split subjectivity, Chapter 7). Investigating word formation (particularly compounding and derivation) brings to light the interrelationship between grammaticalisation and lexicalisation: orthogonal.

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Japanese (jpn)

Written In: English (eng)

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