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Mon Mar 09 2020

Confs: Syntax/Canada

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Date: 06-Mar-2020
From: Susana Bejar <>
Subject: Workshop on Agreement in Copular Clauses
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Workshop on Agreement in Copular Clauses

Date: 08-Apr-2020 - 09-Apr-2020
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Contact: Susana Bejar
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Linguistic Field(s): Syntax

Meeting Description:

This workshop will feature talks about the morphosyntax of copular clauses, with special attention to agreement, which is particularly of interest in binominal clauses (e.g. ‘the winner is you’) where two nominals in the structure have the potential to control agreement. Agreement in binominal clauses is resolved differently across languages, and also across copular clause types (specificational, equative, identificational, etc). It is striking that agreement with the second NP (NP2) features as a prominent pattern. NP2 agreement is arguably non-canonical, occuring in structures where a higher nominative/absolutive is available, thus deviating from the standard expectation that the highest unmarked argument in a clause should control agreement. This raises numerous questions. To what extent is NP2 agreement a direct consequence of the syntax of copular clauses? To what extent does it arise indirectly via an interaction between copular clause syntax and independent properties (e.g. scrambling, pro-drop) of the languages in which it is observed? To what extent is it a consequence of the agreement procedure itself? What is the locus of the variation attested both beween and within languages?

Conference Information:

Invited speakers:
Jessica Coon (McGill University)
Marcel den Dikken (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Caroline Heycock (Edinburgh University)
Stefan Keine (University of Southern California)
Ur Shlonsky (University of Geneva)

Workshop organizers:
Susana Bejar (University of Toronto)
Arsalan Kahnemuypour (University of Toronto)
Ivona Kucerova (McMaster University)

The workshop will take place April 8-9 at the University of Toronto. Details will be posted on the workshop website: Registration is free, but we would appreciate it if those who are planning to attend would complete the registration form on our website by March 31, 2020.

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