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Mon Sep 06 2021

Calls: English; Phonetics, Phonology/France

Editor for this issue: Everett Green <>

Date: 02-Sep-2021
From: Pierre Fournier <>
Subject: 0th Villetaneuse Conference on Spoken English
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Full Title: 20th Villetaneuse Conference on Spoken English
Short Title: ALOES2022

Date: 01-Apr-2022 - 02-Apr-2022
Location: Villetaneuse, France
Contact Person: Pierre Fournier
Meeting Email: < click here to access email >

Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics; Phonology

Subject Language(s): English

Call Deadline: 06-Jan-2022

Meeting Description:

Phonetics/phonology: interface, regularities, realisations

Phonetics/phonology: interface, regularities, realisations
Invited speaker: Patrycja Strycharczuk (Manchester University)
Special session: “A History of ALOES”

To celebrate its 20th edition, the Villetaneuse Conference on Spoken English, organised by Université Sorbonne Paris Nord and ALOES, wishes to highlight the past and the founders of the association, while emphasising the most recent innovations and techniques in phonetics and phonology research.
Thus the 20th edition will be marked by a special session “A History of ALOES”, during which the founders of ALOES will testify and which will be presided by Michael O'Neil.

Call for Papers:

For this 20th anniversary of the symposium, we also wanted to mark the evolution of research and make a link with the present and the future: we will have the honour of welcoming as guest speaker Patrycja Strycharczuk, from the University of Manchester, lecturer in linguistics and quantitative methods. Patrycja Strycharczuk is a specialist in articulatory phonetics and her current research focuses on studying articulation in the context of language variation and sound change, thus working at the interface between phonetics and phonology, as she will show during her conference entitled: “The relationship between phonology and phonetics - perspectives from ongoing sound changes in English”.
Consequently, the theme we have chosen for the 20th edition of the conference is deliberately broad: “Phonetics / phonology: interface, regularities, realisations”. We mainly invite contributions dealing with phonetics and phonology, in order to question the constant comings and goings between these two fields. Is it possible to disconnect them or is one inextricably linked to the other? Can we do phonology without phonetics and vice versa? The different realisations of certain phenomena will be highlighted, with their regularities and irregularities, and the interface between phonetics and phonology will therefore be privileged, both at the segmental and suprasegmental levels. Phenomena such as (de)rhoticisation, (de)voicing, (de)accentuation, length variations, terminal rises, rhythmic variations, and many others, can be studied at the phonetic and/or phonological level, with a constant questioning towards the other domain. One may wonder exactly when we are talking about phonological processes. When is it change and when is it variation? What is the limit, if any, between the two? Papers may focus on a variety of English or several, on L1 English but also L2 English.
Each talk will be 30 minutes long, followed by 10 minutes for discussion. Posters might also be a possibility. Anonymous abstracts (400 words maximum), along with a separate document containing the author’s name and affiliation, should be sent, before January 6 2022, to the following address:

Organizing committee: Viviane Arigne (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord), Nicolas Ballier (Université de Paris), Pierre Fournier (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord), Yann Fuchs (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord), Grégory Furmaniak (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord), Sophie Herment (Aix-Marseille Université).
Scientific committee: Viviane Arigne (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord), Nicolas Ballier (Université de Paris), Jérémy Castanier (Université de Bordeaux), Pierre Fournier (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord), Yann Fuchs (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord), Grégory Furmaniak (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord), Isabelle Gaudy-Campbell (Université de Lorraine), Isabelle Girard (Université du Littoral-Côte-d’Opale), Olivier Glain (Université de Saint-Etienne), Sylvie Hanote (Université de Poitiers), Sophie Herment (Aix-Marseille Université), Sylvain Navarro (Université de Paris), Nicolas Videau (Université de Poitiers).

A pre-conference workshop will be held at Paris Diderot on March 31 2022 on the following topic:
« 40 years of Guierre »
We invite papers discussing Lionel Guierre’s work on English phonology, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the publication of his magnum opus on stress patterns of English.
Organizers: Nicolas Ballier and Ives Trévian, Université de Paris.
Contact: Nicolas Ballier -

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