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Wed Sep 22 2021

The First 2021 Challenges Update!

Editor for this issue: Everett Green <>

Date: 22-Sep-2021
From: LINGUIST List <>
Subject: The First 2021 Challenges Update!
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Hello LINGUIST Listers,

A big thanks to all of our early donators who have gotten us past the 10% mark. We are currently at 12.52% of our goal so with this challenge update we will take a look at who got us there.

In the subfield challenge, we have Syntax, one of our most prominent fields, in the lead with $645 donated. In second place we have Sociolinguistics with $500 donated and in third place we have $463 from Applied Linguistics. In 4th and 5th places we have Language Documentation at $400 and trailing only $2 behind we have General Linguistics at $398.

For the region challenge we have North America in 1st place with 49 donors. In second place we have Europe with 28 donors and in 3rd place we have Asia with 4 donors.

For the 3rd and often most competitive challenge we have the University Challenge. We will announce these in reverse order to to build a bit of suspense. In 5th place we have the Linguist List's home school of Indiana University Bloomington with $115 donated. In 4th place we have the University of California, Santa Barbara with $200 donated. In 3rd place we have Carleton University, also with $200 donated. In 2nd place we have Arizona State University with a well-appreciated $250 and in 1st place we have...

*drum roll*

The University of South Carolina with a whopping $425 donated!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far and if you haven't donated, consider doing so to help your group get ahead before the next challenge update.

With gratitude,
-- The LL Team

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