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Sat Oct 16 2021

Challenge Update: Week 5

Editor for this issue: Joshua Sims <>

Date: 16-Oct-2021
From: LINGUIST List <>
Subject: Challenge Update: Week 5
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Dear Linguist List,

While we passed the 30% mark, this was also the slowest week of the fund drive so far.

You can trust us that asking for money is nobody’s favorite job. Nothing is really for free. We have to pay the bills. The institutional support we receive from Indiana University is simply not enough to cover the costs of what we do. Your donations are an important part of our budget. But there is another reason why you should consider even a small donation. Your donations show to our host university the importance and visibility of the LINGUIST List internationally and validate their investment in the LINGUIST List. Please, if you have spare $5 and you use LINGUIST List, help us.

At the moment, we are at $12,102 – this is 30.26% of the fund drive goal. For the most up-to-date information on the fund drive, check our website You can also find there a lot of special fund-drive content.

In the discipline challenge (, syntax is ahead of general linguistics by nearly $500 and general linguistics is now clearly ahead of sociolinguistics. Applied linguistics, pragmatics, historical linguistics and language acquisition fight fiercely for the third place.

In our university challenge, the University of South Carolina has held the lead since the beginning of the fund drive. 12 committed linguists have donated nearly $900. We cannot thank you enough! But Stanford University is very close to catch up with $820 and 11 donors. Applause! One more donation might catapult Stanford to the top of the list. This week we have also received a donation from the Societas Linguistica Europaea, which gave it the third place in our ranking. Big thanks to the members of the society and its board! In our region challenge, we received the first donation this year from Africa, from the North-West University of Potchefstroom (I very fondly remember my visit to Potchefstroom 12 years ago). Is your university on the list? You can check it here:,

No surprises can be reported in the country challenge – US is the absolute leader with 91 donors. We have received much support from European countries; in the lead are 10 donations from Germany and 6 from the Netherlands. Check where your country stands at and make a donation today!

We have only two weeks to go. How shall we collect the reminder of the sum that will secure the smooth operation of the LINGUIST List for another year? Yes, it’s up to you. Please donate at


Malgosia Cavar


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