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Mon Mar 29 2021

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Date: 27-Mar-2021
Subject: The Grammar of Causation – III
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Full Title: The Grammar of Causation – III

Date: 13-May-2022 - 14-May-2022
Location: The University of Paris – La Sorbonne, France
Contact Person: Irina Thomieres
Meeting Email: < click here to access email >

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; Computational Linguistics; Discipline of Linguistics; Discourse Analysis

Call Deadline: 01-Sep-2021

Meeting Description:

Organisation : Irina THOMIÈRES (CeLiSo), Freiderikos VALETOPOULOS (FoReLLIS)

Causation is an essential field of research for linguists and continues to be the subject of various publications. Causation can be approached from different perspectives: lexical semantics, formal semantics, morphology, syntax, cognitive grammar, the theory of conceptual metaphor, the theory of relevance, to name a few.

This third edition of the Grammar of Causation (International?) Conference is part of a long tradition: ''The Grammar of Causation I'' in 2015 and ''The Grammar of Causation II'' in 2018.
This third edition of the « The Grammar of the Causation » Conference is organized around the following topics:
-the definition of causation;
-the typology of causation;
-causative verbs, including psychological verbs, but also verbs that fall within the physical or the mental domain;
-present and past participles who, in a given context, express causation;
-the metaphorical use of causative verbs;
-connectors: classification and conditions of use;
-prepositions: conditions of use, synonymy ;
-compound nominal predicates in which one of the elements can be interpreted as the origin of a given phenomenon: aromat roz (aroma of roses), les pleurs des enfants (the crying of children), il suono del pianoforte (the sound of the piano), sound of the forest, ο ήχος του τυμπάνου (the sound of the drum), etc.
-translation problems and lexical gaps;
-the expression of causation in sentences without a connector;
-teaching ways of express the causation in the context of French as a Foreign Language;
-causality and modality; causality and temporality; causativity and resultivity;
-other problems: consult us.

Call for Papers:

Send your proposal to indicating: name, first name, academic title, institution, a 400-words abstract (including bibliography). Deadline : September 1, 2021.

Invited speaker : to be announced

Scientific committee : Irina Thomières, Freiderikos Valetopoulos, Elise Mignot, Efi Lamprou, Giancarlo Gerlini, Jérémy Pasquereau, Gaston Gross, Pierre Frath.

Working Languages: English, French.

Languages : French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian. For other languages, please refer to us.

The Acts will be published.

Registration fees: 50 euros, PhD students - exempts, members of CeLiSo and of FoReLLIS - exempts.

The conference organizers would like to thank the CeLiSo, the FoReLLIS, the UFR des Lettres of the University Paris – la Sorbonne for their generous financial support.

Contact :,

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