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Tue Mar 30 2021

FYI: ADoBo 2021 - A Shared Task on Automatic Detection of Borrowings - Call for Participation

Editor for this issue: Everett Green <>

Date: 26-Mar-2021
From: Elena Alvarez Mellado <>
Subject: ADoBo 2021 - A Shared Task on Automatic Detection of Borrowings - Call for Participation
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We invite you to participate in ADoBo, the shared task on automatic detection of borrowings:

For the first edition of ADoBo, we propose a shared task on detecting unassimilated lexical borrowings in the Spanish press, i.e. words that have recently been imported into Spanish and that haven’t been assimilated yet into the language (words such as 'smartphone', 'hype', 'social media', 'machine learning' or 'youtuber').

The task will run from February 2021 to June 2021 and is part of IberLEF 2021, which will take place in September 2021.

A corpus of Spanish newswire will be distributed among participants. The articles will be annotated with lexical borrowings. Borrowings will be annotated with BIO labels with two possible categories: ENG for English borrowings and OTHER for lexical borrowings from other languages (non lexical borrowings will have the tag O). Only unassimilated lexical borrowings will be considered. This means that borrowings that have already gone through orthographical or morphological adaption will not be labeled as borrowings.

Participants will be provided with annotated versions of the training and development set, and an unannotated test set. Participants are expected to submit the annotated test set produced by their system.

ADoBo welcomes participation from anyone working in code-mixed data, as well as those interested in the intersection of neology, lexicography and NLP.

Important dates
* March, 15: Training set released.
* April, 5: Development set released.
* May, 10: Test set released.
* May, 17: Systems output submissions.
* May, 21: Results posted and Test set with GS annotations released.
* May, 31: Working notes paper submission.
* June, 14: Notification of acceptance (peer-reviews).
* June, 28: Camera ready paper submission.
* September: IberLEF 2021 Workshop.

More information:
* ADoBo website:
* Google group:
* CodaLab:

Task organizers
* Elena Álvarez-Mellado, USC Information Sciences Institute, USA.
* Luis Espinosa-Anke, School of Computer Science and Informatics, Cardiff University, UK.
* Julio Gonzalo Arroyo, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain.
* Constantine Lignos, Brandeis University, USA.
* Jordi Porta-Zamorano, Centro de Estudios de la RAE, Spain.

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics; Lexicography; Text/Corpus Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Spanish (spa)

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