LINGUIST List 32.1397

Tue Apr 20 2021

Calls: Comp Ling, Translation/USA

Editor for this issue: Lauren Perkins <>

Date: 20-Apr-2021
From: Claudio Fantinuoli <>
Subject: Automatic Spoken Language Translation in Real-World Settings
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Full Title: Automatic Spoken Language Translation in Real-World Settings

Date: 16-Aug-2021 - 20-Aug-2021
Location: Orlando, USA
Contact Person: Claudio Fantinuoli
Meeting Email: < click here to access email >
Web Site:

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics; Translation

Call Deadline: 10-Jun-2021

Meeting Description:

1st Workshop on Spoken Language Translation in Real-World Settings
Co-located with AMTA 2021

To date, the production of audio-video content may have exceeded that of written texts. The need to make such content available across language barriers has increased the interest in spoken language translation (SLT), opening up new opportunities for the use of speech translation applications in different settings and for different scopes, such as live translation at international conferences, automatic subtitling for video accessibility, automatic or human-in-the-loop respeaking, or as a support system for human interpreters, to name just a few. Furthermore, specific needs are emerging in terms of user profiles, e.g. people with different abilities, and user experiences, e.g. use on mobile devices.

Against this backdrop, the Spoken Language Translation in Real-World Settings workshop aims to bring together researchers in the areas of computer science, translation, and interpreting, as well as users of SLT applications, such as international organizations, businesses, broadcasters, content media creators, to discuss the latest advances in speech translation technologies from both the perspective of the Computer Science and the Humanities, raising awareness on topics such as the challenges in evaluating current technologies in real-life scenarios, customization tools to improve performance, ethical issues, human-machine interaction, and so forth.

Call for Papers:

The workshop will seek to answer these questions by inviting papers exploring topics including, but not limited to:
- Latest advances in cascading and end-to-end systems
- Use of spoken language translation system in a real-world scenario
- Automatic subtitling and dubbing
- Cross-lingual NER/summarization/retrieval from speech
- Automatic generation of meeting minuting
- Automatic respeaking
- Customization of SLT systems to real-world applications
- Computer-assisted interpreting
- Data scarcity and underrepresented languages
- Potential and risks of SLT
- SLT evaluation
- Communicative-oriented evaluation of spoken language translation
- Benchmark creation
- Ethical issues (bias, etc.)
- Communicative inclusion through SLT

Submission Details:
Papers may consist of 6 to 10 pages of content (for references, an unlimited number of pages is allowed). The papers must follow the AMTA 2020 style guides (PDF version, LaTeX version, MS Word version) and be submitted in PDF format. To allow for blind reviewing, please do not include author names and affiliations within the paper and avoid obvious self-references. Papers must represent new work that has not been previously published (pre-prints posted online on servers such as arXiv do not count as published papers, and thus are allowed to be submitted; we do not require a 1-month anonymity period for previous submissions on arXiv). Authors submitting a similar paper to another conference or workshop must specify this at submission time; if the paper is accepted to multiple venues, the author must choose which one to present at. Papers must be submitted to the following website by the conference submission deadline (please select the right workshop once in the system):

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