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Mon Apr 26 2021

Calls: Applied Linguistics / Arab Journal of Applied Linguistics (Jrnl)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 25-Apr-2021
From: Habib Abdesslem <>
Subject: Applied Linguistics / Arab Journal of Applied Linguistics (Jrnl)
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Full Title: Arab Journal of Applied Linguistics

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics

Call for Papers:

Inner Circle, Developed countries have maintained their linguistic, economic, and scientific supremacy. Aside from some accent variations and code mixing, Inner Circle Standard English is expected in most academics' spoken discourse genres. And since the written form is devoid of accent and intonation, written academic discourse is expected to be in no variety other than the Standard one. Scholars in these Inner Circle, Developed countries are major contributors to knowledge, which they formulate and present according to the rhetorical patterns of their respective disciplinary genres. Most high ranking journals are published in Developed, Inner Circle countries and most top universities in the world are American or British; some high quality journals are published in other European countries, such as Germany, Sweden, and The Netherlands; a few are published in China and South Korea; and hardly any are published in Developing countries. The Inner Circle has maintained its ''glamour'' for academics, even for those who are working in prestigious universities and research centres based in Emerging or Developing countries. ''World Englishes'' has gained acceptance by teachers and sociolinguists, but it is dispreferred even in informal academic settings and unacceptable across a large number of academic discourse genres.
However, academic discourse is not completely detached from the socio-cultural contexts in which it is produced and disseminated. Novice and expert Outer Circle and Expanding Circle academics have issues with acculturation in the Inner Circle peers' modes of reasoning, rhetorical practices, and even lexical and syntactic preferences.

The proposed Special Issue for Arab Journal of Applied Linguistics welcomes Studies, Reflections, and Book Reviews on academic discourse, particularly in Outer and Expanding Circles. Academic Discourse covers Genres such as: Research Article, Book Review, Thesis, Presentation, Thesis Defense, Thesis Report, Lecture, Tutorial, Flipped Classroom, Letter of Intent, Letter of Recommendation, Supervisor-Supervisee Interaction, and Referee Report.
Topics include, but are not limited to:
- Universality, localism, and power in academic discourse practices
- Innovation, convention, and standardization in academia and in academic discourse
- Rhetorical patterns and structures in academic discourse genres and subgenres
- Metadiscourse features in academic discourse genres
- Academic genre and subgenre stability, change, and hybridity
- Stance in and across academic disciplinary genres
- Academic Reading-Writing processes and strategies
- Plagiarism and authenticity in academic discourse
- Research Publication policies, processes, and strategies.
Arab Journal of Applied Linguistics Special Issue on Academic Discourse in the Outer and Expanding Circles will be published as soon as we receive good quality papers from the Three Circles.
Special Issue Editor
Habib Abdesslem
Professor of Linguistics, University of Manouba, Tunis, Tunisia.
Visiting Professor of Linguistics and Translation Studies, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia.

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