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Fri May 07 2021

FYI: Call for Proposals: Handbook of Persian Discourse Studies (Springer Handbooks of Languages and Linguistics)

Editor for this issue: Everett Green <>

Date: 01-May-2021
From: Zahra Ghane <>
Subject: Call for Proposals: Handbook of Persian Discourse Studies (Springer Handbooks of Languages and Linguistics)
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We are soliciting chapters for a volume to be published by Springer entitled Handbook of Persian Discourse Studies. This volume brings together current research on Persian discourse in order to provide a comprehensive survey of discourse analyses and the rapid advances made therein.

Thus, this edited collection is intended to offer readers both novel research and analytical rigor on ongoing research in the field. We welcome submissions that fall into (but certainly are not limited to) the following areas:

- Cohesion and intertextuality in discourse
- Discourse and feelings
- Historical Discourse Analysis
- Gesture in Discourse
- Conversational Interaction
- Critical Discourse Analysis
- Register/genre Variation
- Language Ideologies
- Discourse and Racism
- Discourse and Gender
- Child Discourse
- Discourse and language contact
- Academic discourse
- Political Discourse
- Discourse and Media
- Discourse and translation
- Discourse Analysis in the Legal Context
- Discourse and health communication
- Discourse in educational Settings
- Discourse in the workplace
- Discourse and religion
- Discourse and music
- Computer-Mediated Discourse
- Code-Switching, Identity, and Globalization
- Discourse Markers: Language, Meaning, and Context
- Discourse and its interface with grammar and/or intonation
- Or many more topics

Authors are encouraged to propose their own themes if their research in the subject area falls outside the preceding suggested topics, which again are mere examples representative of our thematic paradigm. Researchers are invited to submit proposals (150-400 words) for this volume. Chapters must be original work and not under review for publication elsewhere. Please send us your chapter proposal by May 31, 2021 as well as a short bio (max 100 words) for each author.


- Proposal submission: May 31, 2021
- Notification of accepted proposals: July 15, 2021
- Complete chapter submission: June 30, 2022
- Peer-reviewing and revisions (editors + publisher): June 30, 2022—October 1, 2022
- Revisions post-copyediting: October 1, 2022—December 1, 2022
- Review of revisions by editors of volume: December 1, 2022—January 15, 2023
- Submission of Drafts to Springer for peer-review (of publisher): January 15, 2023-February 15, 2023
- Correspondence with authors post publisher peer-review: February 15, 2023-May 15, 2023
- Publication date: Summer 2023

Please send all your correspondence to the following email address:

Best regards,

Zahra Ghane, Ph.D.
Institute for Language and Information Science
Heinrich Heine University, Germany

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis

Subject Language(s): Persian, Iranian (pes)
Language Family(ies): Indo-European

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