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Tue May 11 2021

TOC: Contrastive Pragmatics: A Cross-Disciplinary Journal 2 / 1 (2021)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 05-May-2021
From: Clovis Jaillet <>
Subject: Contrastive Pragmatics: A Cross-Disciplinary Journal Vol. 2, No. 1 (2021)
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Publisher: Brill

Journal Title: Contrastive Pragmatics: A Cross-Disciplinary Journal
Volume Number: 2
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2021

Main Text:

Contrastive Pragmatics and Second Language (L2) Pragmatics: Approaches to Assessing L2 Speech Act Production
Authors: Naoko Taguchi and Shuai Li
Pages: 1–23
Online Publication Date: 09 Nov 2020

Open Access
Pragmatics of Understanding: Centrality of the Local Cases from Japanese Discourse and Alzheimer’s Interaction
Author: Yoshiko Matsumoto
Pages: 24–51
Online Publication Date: 24 Nov 2020

Open Access
‘We Want Fork but No Pork’: (Im)Politeness in Humour by Asian Users of English as a Lingua Franca and Australian English Speakers
Authors: Ian Walkinshaw and Andy Kirkpatrick
Pages: 52–80
Online Publication Date: 10 Jul 2020

Open Access
A Contrastive Approach to the Types of Hedging Strategies Used in Norwegian and English Informal Spoken Conversations
Author: Stine Hulleberg Johansen
Pages: 81–105
Online Publication Date: 30 Jul 2020

Open Access
Verbal Projection of Comparable Translations of a Detective Story
Author: Yan Wang
Pages: 106–132
Online Publication Date: 12 Nov 2020

Book Review
Open Access
A Contrastive View of Discourse Markers. Discourse Markers of Saying in English and French , written by Lansari, Laure
Author: Ludivine Crible
Pages: 133–136
Online Publication Date: 12 Jan 2021

Linguistic Field(s): Discipline of Linguistics
                            Discourse Analysis
                            General Linguistics

Subject Language(s): English (eng)
                            French (fra)
                            Japanese (jpn)
                            Norwegian Bokmål (nob)

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