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Tue May 11 2021

TOC: Annals of Dyslexia 71 / 1 (2021)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 23-Apr-2021
From: Laura de Kreij <>
Subject: Annals of Dyslexia Vol. 71, No. 1 (2021)
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Publisher: Springer

Journal Title: Annals of Dyslexia
Volume Number: 71
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2021

Main Text:

Title: Professor C. K. Leong: in memoriam
Author(s): Kirby, J.R., Georgiou, G.K., Chen, X., Parrila, R., Das, J.P.
pages: 1-4

Title: Is orthographic knowledge a strength or a weakness in individuals with dyslexia? Evidence from a meta-analysis
Author(s): Georgiou, G.K., Martinez, D., Vieira, A.P.A., Guo, K.
pages: 5-27

Title: Analyzing the role of fidelity of RTI Tier 2 reading intervention in Spanish kindergarten and first grade students
Author(s): Jiménez, J.E., Gutiérrez, N., de León, S.C.
pages: 28-49

Title: External evaluations for dyslexia: do the data support parent concerns?
Author(s): Odegard, T.N., Hutchings, T., Farris, E.A., Oslund, E.L.
pages: 50-59

Title: Improving reading skills in children with dyslexia: efficacy studies on a newly proposed remedial intervention—repeated reading with vocal music masking (RVM)
Author(s): Leloup, G., Anders, R., Charlet, V., Eula-Fantozzi, B., Fossoud, C., Cavalli, E.
pages: 60-83

Title: Two aspects of psychological functioning in undergraduates with a history of reading difficulties: anxiety and self-efficacy
Author(s): Elgendi, M.M., Stewart, S.H., MacKay, E.J., Deacon, S.H.
pages: 84-102

Title: Relationships between test anxiety and metacognition in Chinese young adults with and without specific learning disabilities
Author(s): Wang, LC., Li, X., Chung, K.K.H.
pages: 103-126

Title: Compensation for poor character learning: intact visual and phonetic strategies among Chinese children with dyslexia
Author(s): Li, Y., Hui, Y., Li, H., Liu, X.
pages: 127-149

Title: Suprasegmental but not segmental phonological awareness matters in understanding bilingual reading comprehension difficulties in Chinese and English: a 3-year longitudinal study
Author(s): Deng, Q., Tong, S.X.
pages: 150-169

Title: An experimental eye-tracking study of text adaptation for readers with dyslexia: effects of visual support and word frequency
Author(s): Rivero-Contreras, M., Engelhardt, P.E., Saldaña, D.
pages: 170-187

Title: The influence of the multimedia and modality principles on the learning outcomes, satisfaction, and mental effort of college students with and without dyslexia
Author(s): Dawson, K., Zhu, J., Ritzhaupt, A.D., Antonenko, P., Saunders, K., Wang, J., Lombardino, L.
pages: 188-210

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
                            Discourse Analysis
                            General Linguistics
                            Language Acquisition
                            Language Documentation
                            Ling & Literature
                            Linguistic Theories
                            Text/Corpus Linguistics
                            Writing Systems

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