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Thu May 13 2021

Software: A LaTeX package for Linguists: tipauni

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Date: 27-Apr-2021
From: Niranjan Tambe <>
Subject: A LaTeX package for Linguists: tipauni
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Hello all,

This is to inform you all about a newly released LaTeX package named tipauni. Linguistics-community has for a long time used package TIPA for producing IPA characters in the PDF documents, but in today's Unicode world; these documents aren't much of a use. One can't search for some IPA text in the file, the author can't change the font of the document and most importantly; the text can't be copied from the PDF. For all of this what you really need is the Unicode encoding. Linguists who have used package TIPA shouldn't worry about their codes in the old TIPA encoding as the newly released package tipauni now internally converts the TIPA commands into Unicode. Users just have to change three letters in the preamble of their documents. i.e.

instead of

The output will have IPA characters in Unicode encoding.

This is a free software released under GPLv3.

Here are some links for the package -

CTAN main page:
GitLab repository:
Issue tracker:

You can feel free to contact me for further queries or suggestion at


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