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Wed May 19 2021

Jobs: Computational Linguistics: Consultant, LUDO-VIC

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Date: 19-May-2021
From: Jacques-Olivier AMBERG <>
Subject: Computational Linguistics: Consultant, LUDO-VIC
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University or Organization: LUDO-VIC
Department: R&D
Job Location: , ---------------- (Telecommute)
Web Address:
Job Title: Research

Job Rank: Consultant

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics


Job offer for “Young PhDs for a 1st OpenEnded Contract” in linguistics, language didactics and in Natural Language Processing

Ludo-Vic is a young company, the motto of which is: «Whatever your mother tongue and your level of schooling, learn the basics of any concepts; a new language, health & safety procedures, soft skills, etc…”»

This goal is achieved by contextualizing the elements of the concept to be taught, through short 3D animations which showcase the characters Ludo and Vic. They were developed specifically so as NOT to stigmatize any population on Earth, and to promote gender equality.

These animations explain orally, in the learner’s mother tongue, the elements to be learned, thus breaking the proverbial “wall of words” and that of the vernacular language.

We have developed an application called BasicFrançais, with some European co-financing, which allows non-French speaking populations – initially migrants which reside in the North-West “arrondissements” of Paris - to acquire the basics of French, initially at level A1.1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our goal is to reach level A2 within the next 2 years.

Our search for “Young PhDs for a 1st Open-Ended Contract” relates to a side-project, called BasicX, where X is a dialect spoken anywhere in France and its dependencies around the world, from «creoles» in the Indian Ocean to the Antilles, amerindian languages in French Guyana, Kanak in New Caledonia, polynesian, and the set of regional dialects spoken in mainland France and Corsica. They include «normand», «alsacien», «occitan» etc.. and their many derivatives. The «Direction Générale de la Langue Française et des Langues de France» accounts for ca. 75 of these regional dialects, out of about 230 languages spoken across Europe.

The R&D project consists in developing scenarii to enable interactions in the language to be learned, collecting data and analyzing them, participating in the development of Artificial Intelligence technologies in the under-resourced said regional language (speech recognition, speech synthesis «text to speech» , dialogue management).

While being ambitious, this is a feasible project since the lexical range of A1 is of about 1000 words and a hundred or so very simple dialogues.

The «ideal» candidate is therefore competent in Natural Language and Automatic Speech Processing but also masters a language spoken somewhere in France, or a migrant language. We are fully aware that this «pink flying elephant» is rare, so we will consider resumes coming either for language didactics, or speech/NLP processing.

LUDO-VIC is based in Paris, but the new hirees will be able to work from their usual place of residence.

To apply, please forward your resume to the application email provided below.

Application Deadline: (Open until filled)

Email Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Phone: +33 609662074

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