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Fri May 21 2021

Summer Schools: ICCG11 Pre-conference tutorial: Mentoring sessions on Construction Grammar(s) in practice / Online

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Date: 19-May-2021
From: Kristel Van Goethem <>
Subject: ICCG11 Pre-conference tutorial: Mentoring sessions on Construction Grammar(s) in practice / Online
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ICCG11 Pre-conference tutorial: Mentoring sessions on Construction Grammar(s) in practice (online)

Host Institution: University of Antwerp, Belgium
Coordinating Institution: University of Antwerp, Belgium

Dates: 17-Aug-2021 - 17-Aug-2021
Location: University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

Focus: We’re aiming for twenty-minute sessions in which each participant gets the opportunity to discuss their questions and/or challenges with us. Each participant will have a ‘mentor’, who, in consultation with the other tutors, will identify problems and help the participant find new strategies and solutions. We will divide the one-day tutorial into slots in which participants facing similar challenges listen to and support one another.
Minimum Education Level: MA

Special Qualifications:
The tutorial is designed for MA and doctoral students or postdoctoral students embarking on constructional research.

Mentoring sessions on Construction Grammar(s) in practice
Run by Bert Cappelle (U. Lille), Pedro Gras (U. Antwerp), Martin Hilpert (U. Neuchatel), Laura A. Michaelis (U. Colorado Boulder) and Kristel Van Goethem (U. Louvain)

Construction Grammar is gaining more and more practitioners within cognitive linguistics. Constructional approaches share three basic tenets: (i) constructions are symbolic units, (ii) lexicon and grammar form a continuum, and (iii) constructions are organized in networks. However, beyond these three general principles, there is significant variation in the concepts and formalisms employed in specific analyses.

To aid early career researchers in adopting a constructional approach to language, we now invite them to discuss the challenges they are encountering as they familiarize themselves with the field or launch their own construction-based research projects. As an alternative to our pre-Covid proposal, the tutorial will take the form of onlineconsultation sessions that address any of the following:

- challenges the participants are facing in their constructional research
- questions about introductory Construction Grammar papers read by the
participants (see below)
- any other topic related to Construction Grammar

The first option is the one we encourage participants to devote special
consideration to.

Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories

Registration: 09-Jul-2021 to 02-Aug-2021

Contact Person: Pedro Gras

Apply by Email:

Registration Instructions:
Proposals for consultation sessions should comply with the general conference
guidelines for abstracts (see

Specifically, proposals should:

- be no more than 400 words, excluding references
- clearly state the challenge(s), question(s) or other discussion topic
- state the participant’s selection of ‘mentor’, based on our particular, if
overlapping, research specializations (see below)
- be sent to by 30th June

Important dates:

- 30th June: submission of proposals
- 9th July: notification of acceptance and tutorial setup
- 2nd August: registration for the tutorial (required through ends
- 17th August: day of the tutorial (morning and afternoon)

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