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Mon May 24 2021

TOC: Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 39 / 2 (2021)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 22-Apr-2021
From: Laura de Kreij <>
Subject: Natural Language and Linguistic Theory Vol. 39, No. 2 (2021)
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Publisher: Springer

Journal Title: Natural Language and Linguistic Theory
Volume Number: 39
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: 2021

Main Text:

Title: Irreducible parallelism in phonology: Evidence for lookahead from Mohawk, Maragoli, Sino-Japanese, and Lithuanian
Author(s): Adler, J., Zymet, J.
pages: 367-403

Title: Focus in wh-questions: Evidence from Italian (OA)
Author(s): Bocci, G>, Bianchi, V., Cruschina, S.
pages: 405-455

Title: Negative verb clusters in Mari and Udmurt and why they require postsyntactic top-down word-formation (OA)
Author(s): Georgieva, E., Salzmann, M., Weisserr, P.
pages: 457-503

Title: DP structure and internally headed relatives in Washo (OA)
Author(s): Hanink, E.A.
pages: 505-554

Title: The influence of perceived L2 sound categories in on-line adaptation and implications for loanword phonology
Author(s): Kang, Y., Schertz, J.
pages: 555-578

Title: The coming apart of case and focus in Bantu
Author(s): Pietraszko, A.
pages: 579-599

Title: The subsegmental structure of German plural allomorphy (OA)
Author(s): Trommer, J.
pages: 601-656

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
                            Discourse Analysis
                            Language Acquisition
                            Language Documentation
                            Linguistic Theories

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