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Thu May 27 2021

Books: A Grammar of May: Sidwell (ed.), Babaev, Samarina

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Date: 06-May-2021
From: Clovis Jaillet <>
Subject: A Grammar of May: Sidwell (ed.), Babaev, Samarina
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Title: A Grammar of May
Subtitle: An Austroasiatic Language of Vietnam
Series Title: Grammars and Sketches of the World's Languages
Published: 2021
Publisher: Brill

Book URL:

Author: Kirill Babaev
Author: Irina Samarina
Editor: Paul Sidwell
Electronic: ISBN: 9789004461086 Pages: Price: Europe EURO 159
Hardback: ISBN: 9789004461055 Pages: Price: Europe EURO 159

Not only is May otherwise undescribed in writing, it is the only small Vietic language documented and analysed in such detail, and one of few endangered Austroasiatic languages described so thoroughly. May is predominantly monosyllabic, yet retains traces of affixes and consonant clusters that reflect older disyllabic forms. It is tonal, and also manifests breathy phonation and vowel ongliding, yeilding a remarkable complexity of syllable types. The lexicon, which is extensively documented, has a substantial achaic component. Consequently, the volume provides an invaluable resource for comparative historical and typological studies.

This book is an English translation of the 2018 Russian language monograph by Babaev and Samarina.

Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation

Subject Language(s): Chut (scb)

Written In: English (eng)

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