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Wed Jun 23 2021

TOC: Language Resources and Evaluation 55 / 1 (2021)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 03-Jun-2021
From: Laura de Kreij <>
Subject: Language Resources and Evaluation Vol. 55, No. 1 (2021)
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Publisher: Springer

Journal Title: Language Resources and Evaluation
Volume Number: 55
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2021

Subtitle: LREC 2018: Selected Papers

Main Text:

Title:Introduction to the Special Issue: Selected papers from LREC 2018
Author(s): Ide, N., Calzolari, N.
pages: 1-2

Title:Semi-automatic construction of word-formation networks
Author(s):Lango, M., Žabokrtský, Z., Ševčíková, M.

Title: Live blog summarization (OA)
Author(s): Avinesh, P.V.S., Peyrard, M., Meyer, C.M.
pages: 33-62

Title: The Natural Stories corpus: a reading-time corpus of English texts containing rare syntactic constructions (OA)
Author(s): Futrell, R., Gibson, E., Tily, H.J., Blank, I., Vishnevetsky, A., Piantadosi, S.T., Fedorenko, E.
pages: 63-77

Title: Investigating diachronic trends in phonological inventories using BDPROTO (OA)
Author(s): Moran, S., Grossman, E., Verkerk, A.
pages: 79-103

Title: Semantics-aware typographical choices via affective associations
Author(s): Kulahcioglu, T., de Melo, G.
pages: 105-126

Title: Multi-modal page stream segmentation with convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Wiedemann, G., Heyer, G.
pages: 127-150

Title: Evaluating human corrections in a computer-assisted speaker diarization system
Author(s): Broux, PA., Petitrenaud, S., Meignier, S., Carrive, J., Doukhan, D.
pages: 151-172

Title: C2SI corpus: a database of speech disorder productions to assess intelligibility and quality of life in head and neck cancers
Author(s): Woisard, V., Astésano, C., Balaguer, M., Farinas, J., Fredouille, C., Gaillard, P., Ghio, A., Giusti, L., Laaridh, I., Lalain, M., Lepage, B., Mauclair, J., Nocaudie, O., Pinquier, J., Pouchoulin, G., Puech, M., Robert, D., Roger, V.
pages: 173-190

Title: Lessons learned: on the challenges of migrating a research data repository from a research institution to a university library
Author(s): Trippel, T., Zinn, C.
pages: 191-207

Title: Składnica: a constituency treebank of Polish harmonised with the Walenty valency dictionary (OA)
Author(s): Woliński, M., Hajnicz, E.
pages: 209-239

Title: ChoCo: a multimodal corpus of the Choctaw language
Author(s): Brixey, J., Artstein, R.
pages: 241-257

Title: The LRE Map: what does it tell us about the last decade of our field?
Author(s): Dell Gratta, R., Goggi, S., Pardelli, G., Calzolari, N.
pages: 259-283

Title: Correction to: The LRE Map: what does it tell us about the last decade of our field?
Author(s): Dell Gratta, R., Goggi, S., Pardelli, G., Calzolari, N.
pages: 285-286

Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation
                            Text/Corpus Linguistics
                            Writing Systems

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