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Thu Aug 19 2021

Books: Subatomic quantification: Wągiel

Editor for this issue: Billy Dickson <>

Date: 12-Aug-2021
From: Sebastian Nordhoff <>
Subject: Subatomic quantification: Wągiel
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Title: Subatomic quantification
Series Title: Open Slavic Linguistics
Published: 2021
Publisher: Language Science Press

Book URL:

Author: Marcin Wągiel
Electronic: ISBN: 9783961103157 Pages: 332 Price: Europe EURO 0 Comment: Open Access

The goal of this book is to explore the relationship between the cognitive notion of parthood and various grammatical devices expressing this concept in natural language. The monograph aims to investigate syntactic constructions and lexical categories, e.g., partitives, whole-adjectives, and multipliers, encoding different kinds of part-whole structures both in Slavic and non-Slavic languages. It is envisioned to inspire radical rethinking of the ontology of models accounting for nominal semantics. Specifically, it provides novel evidence for a mereotopological approach to meaning, i.e., a theory of wholes that captures not only parthood but also topological relations holding between parts. This evidence comes from the phenomenon of subatomic quantification, i.e., quantification over parts of referents of concrete count nouns.

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science
Language Family(ies): Slavic Subgroup

Written In: English (eng)

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