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Mon Sep 13 2021

Books: Online World Language Instruction Training and Assessment: King Ramírez, Lafford, Wermers

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Date: 17-Aug-2021
From: Stephanie Rojas <>
Subject: Online World Language Instruction Training and Assessment: King Ramírez, Lafford, Wermers
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Title: Online World Language Instruction Training and Assessment
Subtitle: An Ecological Approach
Published: 2021
Publisher: Georgetown University Press

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Author: Carmen King Ramírez
Author: Barbara A. Lafford
Author: James E. Wermers
Electronic: ISBN: 9781647121068 Pages: 312 Price: U.S. $ 34.95
Hardback: ISBN: 9781647121044 Pages: 312 Price: U.S. $ 104.95
Paperback: ISBN: 9781647121051 Pages: 312 Price: U.S. $ 34.95

A new approach to training and evaluating world languages online instructors

The rapid growth in online world language programs in the United States coupled with the widespread implementation of virtual teaching in response to COVID-19 have pushed the field to reconceive instruction. Virtual learning creates unique challenges for instructors, who need to ensure that their students have adequate interaction with their peers, their professor, and native speakers of the language. Even with a growing demand for online language courses, there are few tools that evaluate the training and assessment of online language instructors.

In "Online World Language Instruction Training and Assessment", authors Carmen King Ramírez, Barbara A. Lafford, and James E. Wermers fill that gap, providing a critical pedagogical approach to computer-assisted language learning (CALL) teacher education (CTE). By combining best CTE training and evaluation practices with assessment tools, the authors explain how teachers can integrate technology to build successful online programs. Their ecological, holistic approach addresses all facets of learning online—including pressing challenges of moving courses online, teacher training, developing core competencies and skills, instructions for assessment and self-evaluation, goal setting, and the normalization of critical CTE practices in an increasingly digital environment.

The authors propose new solutions to teacher training challenges, providing extensive rubrics and tools that can equitably assess online language instructor skills, the training they receive, the assessment process they undergo, and the instruments used for instructor assessment. A list of CALL and CTE resources (available on the Press's website) further supports readers' successful adaptation to an everchanging learning environment.

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
                            Language Acquisition

Written In: English (eng)

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