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Sat Sep 18 2021

Books: A Grammar of Gurindji: Meakins, McConvell

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Date: 17-Sep-2021
From: Birgit Sievert <>
Subject: A Grammar of Gurindji: Meakins, McConvell
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Title: A Grammar of Gurindji
Subtitle: As spoken by Violet Wadrill, Ronnie Wavehill, Dandy Danbayarri, Biddy Wavehill, Topsy Dodd Ngarnjal, Long Johnny Kijngayarri, Banjo Ryan, Pincher Nyurrmiari and Blanche Bulngari
Series Title: Mouton Grammar Library
Published: 2021
Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

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Author: Felicity Meakins
Author: Patrick McConvell
Electronic: ISBN: 9783110746884 Pages: 746 Price: Europe EURO 159.95
Hardback: ISBN: 9783110746839 Pages: 746 Price: Europe EURO 159.95

Gurindji is a Pama-Nyungan language of north-central Australia. It is a member of the Ngumpin subgroup which forms a part of the Ngumpin-Yapa group. The phonology is typically Pama-Nyungan; the phoneme inventory contains five places of articulation for stops which have corresponding nasals. It also has three laterals, two rhotics and three vowels. There are no fricatives and, among the stops, voicing is not phonemically distinctive. One striking morpho-phonological process is a nasal cluster dissimilation (NCD) rule. Gurindji is morphologically agglutinative and suffixing, exhibiting a mix of dependent-marking and head-marking. Nominals pattern according to an ergative system and bound pronouns show an accusative pattern. Gurindji marks a further 10 cases. Free and bound pronouns distinguish person (1st inclusive and exclusive, 2nd and 3rd) and three numbers (minimal, unit augmented and augmented). The Gurindji verb complex consists of an inflecting verb and coverb. Inflecting verbs belong to a closed class of 34 verbs which are grammatically obligatory. Coverbs form an open class, numbering in the hundreds and carrying the semantic weight of the complex verb.

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