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Thu Sep 23 2021

Fund Drive Challenge Update

Editor for this issue: Joshua Sims <>

Date: 23-Sep-2021
From: LINGUIST List <>
Subject: Fund Drive Challenge Update
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Linguists and language enthusiast around the world,

Support the LINGUIST List with a donation and win our challenges! Ever wonder why we ask you which discipline of linguistics you represent? We want to know who our biggest supporters are! Who do we owe the greatest debt of gratitude? Syntacticians? Phonologists? As of today (Day 3 of the Fund Drive) the most donations, totaling $935, come from sociolinguists. If you are interested in how the situation develops, you can check out the current results here:

After three days of the Fund Drive, the leading supporting university is the University of South Carolina ( Other top donators in the University Challenge in the last couple of years were University of Washington, University of Hawaii and Indiana University. And greetings to the colleagues at the University of Oslo (already 3 donors)! If you want to see the name of your university at the top of the list, then make a donation and mobilize your colleagues.

While the majority of donations come from the USA, Canada and European countries, we have also donors from, for example, Jamaica, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago, Cameroon, Egypt, and Kazakhstan. Linguists are everywhere! We truly appreciate each and every donation and we know that in some cases a donation to us means giving up on something else. Thank you! If you want to see where the donations have come from this year, go to

The full list of supporters in this year’s Fund Drive can be seen at

Thank you wholeheartedly for every donation! Linguist List cannot exist without its readers.


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