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Sat Jan 23 2021

TOC: Lexis, Journal in English Lexicology 16 / 16 (2021)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 20-Jan-2021
From: Denis Jamet <>
Subject: Lexis, Journal in English Lexicology Vol. 16, No. 16 (2021)
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Publisher: Université Jean Moulin

Journal Title: Lexis, Journal in English Lexicology
Volume Number: 16
Issue Number: 16
Issue Date: 2021

Subtitle: Diachronic Lexical Semantics (Re-Issue)

Main Text:

Lexis published its 16th issue, devoted to “Diachronic Lexical Semantics”, in December 2020:

Chris A. Smith


Am I Way Wrong on this One? On the Multiple Semantic Sources and Paths of Development of the Amplifier Way in American English [Texte intégral]
Hélène Margerie

Diachronic Emergence of Zipf-like Patterns in Construction-Specific Frequency Distributions: A Quantitative Study of the Way Too Construction
Quentin Feltgen

When Proper Names Become Verbs: A Semantic Perspective
Aurélie Héois

A Case Study of -some and -able Derivatives in the OED3: Examining the Diachronic Output and Productivity of Two Competing Adjectival Suffixes
Chris A. Smith

An Analysis of French Borrowings at the Hypernymic and Hyponymic Levels of Middle English
Louise Sylvester, Megan Tiddeman et Richard Ingham

Appropriation, Gentrification, Colonisation: Newly Synonymous?
Seth W. Mehl

Metaphtonymies We Die by: the Influence of the Interactions between Metaphor and Metonymy on Semantic Change in X‑phemistic Conceptualisations of Death
Adeline Terry

Lexical Emergence on Reddit: An Analysis of Lexical Change on the “Front Page of the Internet”
Hanna Mahler

List of References
Chris A. Smith

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Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

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