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Fri Oct 15 2021

Software: Presenting Phonomaton: An Online Phonological Rule Engine

Editor for this issue: Everett Green <>

Date: 15-Sep-2021
From: Daniel Kaufman <>
Subject: Presenting Phonomaton: An Online Phonological Rule Engine
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Phonomaton, freely available at, churns out surface forms from a user's ordered rules and underlying representations. Rules can make use of a full set of features (following Hayes 2009) as well as underspecification, recursive rule application and, with a little creativity, cycles/levels. The phonomaton also lets users create an inventory that constrains the output, as well as giving a full feature comparison for any segments in the IPA and a summary of distinctive features for any subset of the IPA or a particular inventory. Being entirely browser-based, it is easy to use, has no special system requirements, and requires no downloading. We believe it is a fantastic tool for teaching feature theory, the mechanics of phonological derivations, rule ordering, and more. Capabilities on the way include alpha notation and provisions for user-defined feature geometry.

Do us the honor of giving it a whirl and letting us know what you think! 

Phonomatically yours,

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Daniel Kaufman (

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