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Mon Oct 18 2021

Books: Polynesian Syntax and its Interfaces: Clemens, Massam (eds.)

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Date: 01-Oct-2021
From: Tyler Simnick <>
Subject: Polynesian Syntax and its Interfaces: Clemens, Massam (eds.)
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Title: Polynesian Syntax and its Interfaces
Published: 2021
Publisher: Oxford University Press

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Editor: Laura Clemens
Editor: Diane Massam
Hardback: ISBN: 9780198860839 Pages: 368 Price: U.S. $ 100

This volume brings together current research in theoretical syntax and its interfaces in the Polynesian language family, with chapters focusing on Hawaiian, Māori, Niuean, Samoan, and Tongan. Languages in this family present multiple characteristics of particular interest for comparative syntactic research, and in recent years, data from Polynesian languages has also contributed to advances in the fields of prosody and semantics, as well as to the study of parametric variation. The chapters in this volume offer in-depth analyses of a range of theoretical issues at the syntax-semantics and syntax-prosody interfaces, both within individual languages and from a comparative Polynesian perspective. They examine key topics including: word order variation, ergativity and case systems, causativization, negation, raising, modality and superlatives, and the left periphery of both the sentential and nominal domains. The findings not only shed light on the theoretical typology of Polynesian languages, but also have implications for linguistic theory as a whole.

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

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