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Thu Oct 21 2021

Staff Letter: Everett Green

Editor for this issue: Everett Green <>

Date: 21-Oct-2021
From: LINGUIST List <>
Subject: Staff Letter: Everett Green
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Hello Linguist Listers,

My name is Everett Green, and after a bit of shuffling around of our roles here at the LINGUIST List, I am once again the calls and conferences editor. I also handle all of the smaller submission areas (i.e. FYI's, Software, Media, Discussions, etc.)

I'm a dual PhD in computational linguistics and cognitive science at our host institution Indiana University and between the two majors I have been able to research everything from evolutionary algorithms and animal population dynamics to abusive language detection in online spaces. Specifying my interests has not been easy but over time I think I have settled into the idea that I would like to help improve (or create) tools that assist other researchers in doing their jobs more efficiently. There are many ways to do this so I still have my work cut out for me but none of what I have done so far would have been possible without the immense support that the LINGUIST List has given me.

Having worked here for 4 years as of this past May, I have seen a lot of discourse in the linguistics community and I'm happy to have facilitated so many researchers in meeting one another and exchanging great ideas. As has been mentioned before, this exchange of ideas also benefits us as editors working here at the LINGUIST List since we are exposed to some of these exchanges and thus learn a lot through osmosis. Also, as we progress through our education with the help of the LINGUIST List, we are eventually able to contribute to the community as researchers ourselves (some of us already are). As a result, your donations not only enable us as students to continue our own education but they also enhance the LINGUIST List's ability to connect researchers like yourselves with one another across international boundaries.

Covid has been hard on many of us mentally and financially so thank you for helping keep our community alive through your contributions.

Best wishes,
Everett Green


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Our sincere thanks,
-- The LL Team

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