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Mon Oct 25 2021

Challenge Update: Week 6

Editor for this issue: Joshua Sims <>

Date: 25-Oct-2021
From: LINGUIST List <>
Subject: Challenge Update: Week 6
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Dear all,

We are approaching the end of the Fund Drive, and we need your help to reach our goal. This week we have moved close to 5% towards our goal and as of today, we have received $13,699.88. This is still far away from our fund-raising goal which would guarantee smooth operation of the LINGUIST List and support for our student editors in 2022.

I want to thank all the reliable supporters who donated in the past years and have not let us down this year either. Thousands of linguists around the globe read the Linguist List, yet fewer than 200 have decided to support us monetarily since the beginning of this calendar year. Of course, not everybody can donate and our site is free and open for all readers. But even a small donation would help us immensely. I would like to invite all our readers to a small thought experiment. What would happen if LINGUIST List would not be there tomorrow? What would this mean for you and your colleagues, for your students? What would this mean for the linguists in smaller institutions without big funding? What would this mean for linguists in other countries?

Please donate:
Please help us continue our mission, to connect linguists from different universities, different countries and different frameworks. We want to tell everybody about the conferences you organize, the books you have written, the vacancies you want to fill, the funding opportunities for students, the grants you should apply for, the ideas you want to share.

To follow the progress of the fund drive and see the up-to-date results of numerous challenges, visit our website: . In the subfield challenge, syntax is first in our ranking, with general linguistics in second place and sociolinguistics in third. Cheers to all syntacticians, general linguists and sociolinguists! The University of South Carolina still leads in the university challenge. 16 donors from USC have donated $995, just shy of a thousand! They are followed closely by Stanford, with $920. Places three and four in the university challenge belong to the Societas Linguistica Europaea and the Temple University at Japan. Sincere thanks!

We are looking forward to the final race as we are approaching the end of the fund drive. Please don’t forget to put your institution or program on the linguistic map by supporting our service to the community:

With gratitude,
On behalf of the LINGUIST List team

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