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Thu Jan 28 2021

TOC: Reading and Writing 33 / 7 (2020)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 23-Dec-2020
From: Laura de Kreij <>
Subject: Reading and Writing Vol. 33, No. 7 (2020)
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Publisher: Springer

Journal Title: Reading and Writing
Volume Number: 33
Issue Number: 7
Issue Date: 2020

Subtitle: Special Issue: ARWA 2019

Main Text:

Title: Introduction to ARWA special issue
Author(s): Arciuli, J.
pages: 1675-1677

Title: Longitudinal associations of phonological processing skills, Chinese word reading, and arithmetic
Author(s): Yang, X., McBride, C., Ho, C.SH., Chung, K.K.H.
pages: 1679-1699

Title: Morphological awareness and orthographic awareness link Chinese writing to reading comprehension
Author(s): Liu, Y., Liu, D.
pages: 1701-1720

Title: Contributions of executive functioning to Chinese and English reading comprehension in Chinese adolescent readers with dyslexia
Author(s): Chung, K.K.H., Lam, C.B., Leung, C.O.Y.
pages: 1721-1743

Title: How does home literacy environment influence reading comprehension in Chinese? Evidence from a 3-year longitudinal study
Author(s): Zhang, SZ., Inoue, T., Shu, H., Georgiou, G.K.
pages: 1745-1767

Title: What explains reading and dictation in Persian among Iranian second grade students?
Author(s): Mohseni, F., McBride, C.
pages: 1769-1790

Title: Effective teaching instructions for Hangul learning among Korean kindergartners
Author(s): Cho, JR., McBride, C., Kim, B.
pages: 1791-1808

Title: Factors that influence reading acquisition in L2 english for students in Bangalore, India
Author(s): Shenoy, S., Wagner, R.K., Rao, N.M.
pages: 1809-1838

Title: Decisions about consonant doubling among non-native speakers of English: graphotactic and phonological influences
Author(s): Yin, L., Joshi, R.M., Li, D., Kim, SK.
pages: 1839-1858

Title: Cross-lag analysis of early reading and spelling development for bilinguals learning English and Asian scripts
Author(s): O’Brien, B.A., Lim, N.C., Habib Mohamed, M.B., Arshad, N.A.
pages: 1859-1891

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis
                            General Linguistics
                            Language Documentation
                            Linguistic Theories
                            Text/Corpus Linguistics
                            Writing Systems

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