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Sat Feb 13 2021

Summer Schools: Elizabeth Closs Traugott: A constructional perspective on language / Online

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Date: 11-Feb-2021
From: Associação Brasileira de Linguística <>
Subject: Elizabeth Closs Traugott: A constructional perspective on language / Online
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Dates: 01-Mar-2021 - 31-May-2021
Location: Online,, Brazil

Focus: Language change; sociolinguistics; grammaticalization
Minimum Education Level: No Minimum

Starting on Mar 01 2021 6PM (UTC): A constructional perspective on language change
A free online course with Elizabeth Closs Traugott

Recently there has been great interest in constructional approaches to change, e.g. Bergs and Diewald (2008), Traugott and Trousdale (2013) and Barðdal et al. (2015). In this course, I discuss and update the perspective called “constructionalization” developed in Traugott and Trousdale, using examples from the history of English. Constructionalization is an approach to morphosyntactic change such as the development of grammatical expressions (e.g. be going to), clausal structures (e.g. ditransitive She gave me a book) and idioms (e.g. Weird is the new cool). I revisit definitions of “constructionalization” and “constructional changes”, and discuss the complementarity of constructionalization and grammaticalization approaches to language change (see Coussé et al. 2018).

Two case studies illustrate the differences. One is an account of the development of the semi-modals I’d better/rather/sooner, the other an account of the history of “dative” and “benefactive” alternations as in I gave her a book/I gave a book to her and I built her a house/I built a house for her. I end with discussion of the roles of subjectification and intersubjectification in constructionalization, using the example of the development of discourse markers like by the way.

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