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Wed Feb 24 2021

Calls: Ling Theories, Morphology, Psycholing, Semantics, Syntax/Online

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Date: 24-Feb-2021
From: Hermann Keupdjio <>
Subject: Move and Agree: Forum on the Formal Typology of A'-agreement
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Full Title: Move and Agree: Forum on the Formal Typology of A'-agreement
Short Title: Move and Agree 2021

Date: 31-May-2021 - 04-Jun-2021
Location: Online, Montréal and Vancouver, Canada
Contact Person: Hermann Keupdjio
Meeting Email: < click here to access email >
Web Site:

Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories; Morphology; Psycholinguistics; Semantics; Syntax

Call Deadline: 05-Mar-2021

Meeting Description:

1) Forum description. The minimalist research program (Chomsky 1995 et seq.) creates a paradox for movement operations: Merge is conceptually necessary, but Move – and its accompanying Agree relation – is not. Yet there are many natural language phenomena which are insightfully analyzed using the metaphors of movement and agreement. We wish to theorize the paradox of Move/Agree (Keupdjio 2020), namely why does Move/Agree exist at all, if it is conceptually unnecessary? This forum focuses on the syntactic contexts that can be analyzed as instances of A′-movement and which are also associated with A′-agreement; e.g. content questions, relativization, information-structure operations like topicalization and focus. The agreement morphology that arises with A′-movement is known under various names:
- A′-agreement (Schneider-Zioga 1995, Chen 2017, Keupdjio 2020);
- wh-agreement (Chung 1994, Carstens 2005, Reintges, LeSourd & Chung 2006, Hedinger 2008, Schneider-Zioga 2009, Lochbihler & Mathieu 2010);
- wh-copying (Fanselow & Mahajan 2000, Felser 2004);
- extraction morphology (Zentz 2016);
- complementizer agreement (McCloskey 2001, Carstens 2003);
- reflex of successive cyclic movement (van Urk 2015, Georgi 2017).

Grouping these various morphological reflexes of A′-movement together as instances of A′-agreement, this forum explores the connection between A′-movement and A′-agreement with two goals in mind:
a) to gain a broader and deeper empirical coverage of A′-agreement via case studies of typologically distinct languages from a variety of language families;
b) to move forward the theory of A′-agreement defined as a non-local morphosyntactic feature-sharing mechanism that correlates with A′-movement (Baier 2018).

2) Location and dates: This online forum, jointly hosted by The University of British Columbia (Vancouver) and McGill University (Montréal), will take place over a period of 5 days: Monday 31 May through to Friday 04 June 2021. For details on the format of the workshop, see below.

3) Confirmed invited speakers:

Confirmed tutorial speakers:
Cedric Boeckx: Thinking big: biolinguistics
Amy Rose Deal: How agreement works, with special reference to A'-features
Marcel den Dikken: Copular constructions, A′-movement and A′-agreement
Mara Frascarelli: Move and Agree as discourse-related dependencies
Hedde Zeijlstra: The syntax and semantics behind A’-agree and A’-movement

Confirmed forum presenters:
Nico Baier: formal typology: On the Nature of Complex A/A'-Probes
Chris Hammerly: psycholinguistics: Processing relativization in Ojibwe
Chris Reintges: diachrony: Coptic hidden movement configurations

Susana Béjar and Arsalan Kahnemuyipour: Armenian and Persian: Agreement in binominal copular clauses
Victoria Chen: Austronesian: What agrees, why and how: A view from Austronesian
Michael Hamilton: Algonquian: Agreement and discourse-configurationality in Algonquian
Marianne Huijsmans: Salishan: ʔayʔaǰuθəm subject agreement
Carol-Rose Little: Mayan: Subextraction and Agree: A Mayan perspective
Martina Martinović: Atlantic-Congo: Exhaustivity and Predication in A’-extraction in Wolof
Astrid van Alem and Marjo van Koppen: Germanic: The effect of A’-contexts on A-agreement
Jenneke van der Wal: Bantu: Information structure as A-syntax
Coppe van Urk: Nilotic: Feature-driven movement and the syntax of successive cyclicity
Nicholas Welch: Na-Dene: TBA

Second Call for Papers:

We welcome contributions addressing the formal analysis of A′-movement as it relates to A′-agreement. Priority will be given to abstracts focused on the following research questions:
a) Which contexts condition A′-agreement?
b) What is the realization of A′-agreement in a given language?
c) How is A′-agreement modelled as a kind of agreement?
d) How does A′-agreement bear on the debate about how to formulate derivation by phase?
e) What does the formal syntax of A′-agreement reveal about interface issues?

For the full call for papers, follow this link:

Abstract guidelines:
Abstracts should not exceed two pages, including data, references, and diagrams. Abstracts should be typed in 11-point font, with one-inch margins (US letter or A4). Abstracts must be anonymous; remove or hide any author-identifying information. Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Please submit your abstract using EasyChair:

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