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Tue Mar 02 2021

Books: Processing Lexical Bundles: Lensink

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Date: 25-Feb-2021
From: Janacy van Duijn Genet <>
Subject: Processing Lexical Bundles: Lensink
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Title: Processing Lexical Bundles
Series Title: LOT Dissertation Series
Published: 2020
Publisher: Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics / Landelijke (LOT)

Book URL:

Author: Saskia Elisabeth Lensink
Paperback: ISBN: 9789460933509 Pages: 309 Price: Europe EURO 29

Estimates differ, but in general it is assumed that about half of our spoken and written language consists of stock phrases, formulaic sequences, and common, semantically transparent combinations of words, also known as lexical bundles. There is a growing body of experimental work showing that lexical bundles are read, understood, and pronounced faster than their infrequent matched controls, which seems to suggest that these bundles function as units in processing, much like single words.

This thesis focuses on the processing of Dutch lexical bundles, and does so by considering them from different angles: How do we read lexical bundles? Are there differences in processing between age groups? How do we process spoken lexical bundles? And how do we produce them? In answering these questions, a wide range of experimental methods, and both statistical and computational modeling are employed.

Linguistic Field(s): Psycholinguistics

Subject Language(s): Dutch (nld)

Written In: English (eng)

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