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TOC: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 23 / 5 (2020)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 23-Nov-2020
From: Rachel Tonkin <>
Subject: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition Vol. 23, No. 5 (2020)
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Journal Title: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition
Volume Number: 23
Issue Number: 5
Issue Date: 2020

Main Text:

Associations of natural language switching with executive control in early bilinguals
Raúl López-Penadés, Victor Sanchez-Azanza, Eva Aguilar-Mediavilla, Lucía Buil-Legaz, Daniel Adrover-Roig

Didn't hear that coming: Effects of withholding phonetic cues to code-switching
Alice Shen, Susanne Gahl, Keith Johnson

Cross-modal translation priming and iconicity effects in deaf signers and hearing learners of American Sign Language
Megan Mott, Katherine Midgley, Phillip Holcomb, Karen Emmorey

The gender congruency effect in Catalan–Spanish bilinguals: Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence
Daniela Paolieri, Josep Demestre, Marc Guasch, Teresa Bajo, Pilar Ferré

Domain-general inhibition ability predicts the intensity of inhibition on non-target language in bilingual word production: An ERP study
Chunyan Kang, Fengyang Ma, Shuhua Li, Judith Kroll, Taomei Guo

Rhythmic grouping biases in simultaneous bilinguals
Natalie Boll-Avetisyan, Anjali Bhatara, Annika Unger, Thierry Nazzi, Barbara Höhle

Semantic priming effects can be modulated by crosslinguistic interactions during second-language auditory word recognition
Sara Guediche, Martijn Baart, Arthur Samuel

L2 exposure modulates the scope of planning during first and second language production
Annie Gilbert, Maxime Cousineau-Perusse, Debra Titone

Continuous effects of bilingualism and attention on Flanker task performance
Ashley Chung-Fat-Yim, Geoffrey Sorge, Ellen Bialystok

BLC mini-series: Tools to document bilingual experiences
Gigi Luk, Alena Esposito

Who is bilingual? Snapshots across the lifespan
John Anderson, Kornelia Hawrylewicz, Ellen Bialystok

Language History Questionnaire (LHQ3): An enhanced tool for assessing multilingual experience
Ping Li, Fan Zhang, Anya Yu, Xiaowei Zhao

The Language Experience and Proficiency Questionnaire (LEAP-Q): Ten years later
Margarita Kaushanskaya, Henrike Blumenfeld, Viorica Marian

MAPLE: A Multilingual Approach to Parent Language Estimates
Krista Byers-Heinlein, Esther Schott, Ana Gonzalez-Barrero, Melanie Brouillard, Daphnée Dubé, Amel Jardak, Alexandra Laoun-Rubenstein, Meghan Mastroberardino, Elizabeth Morin-Lessard, Sadaf Iliaei, Nicholas Salama-Siroishka, Maria Tamayo

Documenting bilingual experiences in the early years: Using the CECER-DLL Child and Family and Teacher Questionnaires
Dina Castro, Carol Hammer, Ximena Franco, Lauren Cycyk, Shelley Scarpino, Margaret Burchinal

Oscillatory brain dynamics of pronoun processing in native Spanish speakers and in late second language learners of Spanish
Eleonora Rossi, Yanina Prystauka

Exposure to a second language in infancy alters speech production
Megha Sundara, Nancy Ward, Barbara Conboy, Patricia Kuhl

The contribution of grammar and lexicon to language switching costs: Examining contact-induced languages and their implications for theories of language representation
Isabel Deibel

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