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Thu Mar 04 2021

TOC: Language in Africa 1 / 4 (2021)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 09-Feb-2021
From: Andrey Shluinsky <>
Subject: Language in Africa Vol. 1, No. 4 (2021)
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Publisher: Institute of Linguistics RAS

Journal Title: Language in Africa
Volume Number: 1
Issue Number: 4
Issue Date: 2021

Main Text:

Syntactic borrowings from Bambara to French: A first account
Gérard Dumestre
Pages 9-26

An attempt at automatic synctactic analysis on Corbama, the Bamana reference corpus
Jean-Jacques Méric
Pages 27-42

An anthropological analysis of Bamana fairy tales
Olga Zavyalova
Pages 43-54

Guillaume Segerer, Alexandra Vydrina
Pages 55-68

Notes on regular polysemy and homonymy (Mande languages)
Konstantin Pozdniakov
Pages 69-84

The detransitivizing suffix -i and the reconstruction of Pre-Proto-Mande constituent order
Denis Creissels
Pages 85-97

Incorporation and “formal incorporation” in analytic languages: Mande languages and typology of incorporation
Alexander Zheltov
Pages 98-114

Logophoric strategy in San-Maka
Elena Perekhvalskaya
Pages 115-130

Good nouns, naughty verbs: How French borrowings receive grammatical tones in Guinean Kpelle
Maria Konoshenko
Pages 131-145

Antipassive constructions in Tigemaxo (Bozo)
Thomas Blecke
Pages 146-157

Bridging caught in a crossfire: The marker of situated definiteness in Mano and language contact
Maria Khachaturyan
Pages 158-182

“Infinitive” class 15 in Dabida
Nadezhda Makeeva, Irina Ryabova
Pages 183-198

The best way to drink in Beja and beyond: water and milk
Martine Vanhove, Mohamed-Tahir Hamid Ahmed
Pages 199-211

The Zulu version of the old testament from a typological perspective
Victor Porkhomovsky, Irina Ryabova
Pages 212-225

Absolute-relative tense in Old Kanembu: foregrounding by posterior taxis
Dmitry Bondarev
Pages 226-244

The hunter, the crocodile, and the hare: Five days of Antonina Ivanovna Koval’s field work in 1993
Andrej A. Kibrik
Pages 245-268

Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics
                            Language Documentation
                            Ling & Literature
                            Text/Corpus Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Bambara (bam)
                            Beja (bej)
                            Bullom So (buy)
                            French (fra)
                            Gagu (ggu)
                            Kanembu (kbl)
                            Pulaar (fuc)
                            Samo (smq)
                            Taita (dav)
                            Zulu (zul)

Language Family(ies): Atlantic

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