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Fri Mar 05 2021

TOC: Reading and Writing 34 / 2 (2021)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 08-Feb-2021
From: Laura de Kreij <>
Subject: Reading and Writing Vol. 34, No. 2 (2021)
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Publisher: Springer

Journal Title: Reading and Writing
Volume Number: 34
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: 2021

Main Text:

Title: Investigating the longitudinal and concurrent relationships between polysemous word knowledge and reading comprehension among Spanish-English bilingual middle school students
Author(s): Logan, J.K., Kieffer, M.J.
pages: 301-335

Title: Mandarin-speaking preschoolers’ pitch discrimination, prosodic and phonological awareness, and their relation to receptive vocabulary and reading abilities
Author(s): Chung, WL., Bidelman, G.M.
pages: 337-353

Title: Chinese children benefit from alternating-color words in sentence reading
Author(s): Pan, J., Liu, M., Li, H., Yan, M.
pages: 355-369

Title: A longitudinal investigation of prosodic sensitivity and emergent literacy
Author(s): Critten, S., Holliman, A.J., Hughes, D.J., Wood, C., Cunnane, H., Pillinger, C., Deacon, S.H.
pages: 371-389

Title: The effect of transcription skills, text generation, and self-regulation on Icelandic children’s text writing
Author(s): Oddsdóttir, R., Ragnarsdóttir, H., Skúlason, S.
pages: 391-416

Title: How educators use mathematics writing in the classroom: a national survey of mathematics educators
Author(s): Powell, S.R., Hebert, M.A., Hughes, E.M.
pages: 417-447

Title: Syntactic predictors for text quality in Dutch upper-secondary school students’ L1 argumentative writing (OA)
Author(s): van Rijt, J.H.M., van den Broek, B., De Maeyer, S.
pages: 449-465

Title: Does the availability of orthography support L2 word learning? (OA)
Author(s): Krepel, A., de Bree, E.H., de Jong, P.F.
pages: 467-496

Title: Initial validation of a measure of decoding difficulty as a unique predictor of miscues and passage reading fluency
Author(s): Saha, N.M., Cutting, L.E., Del Tufo, S., Bailey, S.
pages: 497-527

Title: Teaching writing in the primary grades in Norway: a national survey
Author(s): Graham, S., Skar, G.B., Falk, D.Y.
pages: 529-563

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                            General Linguistics
                            Language Documentation
                            Ling & Literature
                            Linguistic Theories
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