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Mon Mar 15 2021

Books: The Linguistics Student's Handbook: Bauer

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Date: 15-Mar-2021
From: Anna Glazier <>
Subject: The Linguistics Student's Handbook: Bauer
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Title: The Linguistics Student's Handbook
Subtitle: 2nd edition
Published: 2021
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

Book URL:

Author: Laurie Bauer
Electronic: ISBN: 9781474474115 Pages: 424 Price: U.K. £ 24.99
Electronic: ISBN: 9781474474108 Pages: 424 Price: U.K. £ 95.00
Hardback: ISBN: 9781474474085 Pages: 424 Price: U.K. £ 95
Paperback: ISBN: 9781474474092 Pages: 424 Price: U.K. £ 24.99

Editor's Note: This is a new edition of a previously announced title.

The go-to companion for anyone studying linguistics.

The second edition features:

- New chapters on Panini, the Neogrammarians, figures of speech and writing systems
- New coverage on punctuation, spelling and academic writing
- 15 new languages added to the Language File section including Bororo, Kuuk Thaayorre, Mapuche, Seediq, Tamashek, Ute
- New data and examples to reflect new research
- Guidance on how to use the Language File for assignments

Laurie Bauer has expertly crafted a compendium of essential things for linguistics students to know – from the IPA chart to the Saussurean dichotomies, this book will be the constant companion of anyone undertaking studies of linguistics. Part reference work, part revision guide, and with tables providing summary information on some 300 languages, the book provides a new learning tool as a supplement to your usual textbooks.

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Written In: English (eng)

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