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Tue Mar 16 2021

FYI: Manifesto for Biocultural Diversity

Editor for this issue: Everett Green <>

Date: 16-Mar-2021
From: Albin Wagener <>
Subject: Manifesto for Biocultural Diversity
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In 2019, scholars and citizens from different parts of the world gathered to work on a Manifesto sprint that would eventually lead to the constitution of the Vienna Manifesto for Biocultural Diversity ( This Manifesto will be advertised this year in order to support the diversity of languages and culture all around the globe, and show how and why these are deeply linked to environmental diversity; hence issues regarding climate change are affecting societies and populations all around the world.

In order to give this Manifesto its true dimension, we are looking for people/scholars willing to contribute in terms of translations. We have entered the second phase of our work and would pretty much like to publish the complete website online by the end of March/beginning of April - but of course, linguistic contributions will be published continuously on the website (which is already online, but not fully complete).

We are currently looking for colleagues willing to engage with us, in order to sign the Manifesto of course but also to translate it in the best variety of languages possible. For the moment, the Manifesto is available (or will be) in the following languages: English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Catalan, Proven├žau, Breton, Standard Arabic, Tunisian Arabic, Kirundi, Romanian, Scots, Cherman, Chinese, Bengali, Hindi, Uganga, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Croatian, Dutch, Flemish, Occitan, Danish, Italian, Hebrew, Finnish, Polish, Mauritius Creole, Corsican, Reunionese Creole, Yoruba, Shimaore, Malagasy, Kibushi, Tamazight, Algerian Arabic, Urdu, Letzebuergesch, Capverdian, Seychelles Creole, Sotho, Taiwanese, Ghana, Persian and Vasque.

Yet a lot of languages are still missing, and we really would like to address as many languages as possible.
Do not hesitate to take a look at and contact us for further information!

Thank you in advance for your kind efforts.
Albin Wagener -

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