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Sun May 08 2022

Confs: Latin; Romance; Historical Ling, Lang Acquisition, Ling Theories, Syntax/Italy

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Date: 03-May-2022
From: Peter Herbeck <>
Subject: The Syntax of Causative, Perception and Restructuring Verbs in Romance and Latin
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The Syntax of Causative, Perception and Restructuring Verbs in Romance and Latin
Short Title: SCUP22

Date: 26-May-2022 - 27-May-2022
Location: Palermo, Italy
Contact: Jan Casalicchio
Contact Email: < click here to access email >
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Linguistic Theories; Syntax

Subject Language(s): Latin

Language Family(ies): Romance

Meeting Description:

We are pleased to announce that the University of Palermo organises a workshop on “The Syntax of Causative, Perception, and Restructuring Verbs in Romance and Latin” which is to be held on May 26-27, 2022. It is part of the annual SCUPs (Syntactic Conferences at the University of Palermo).

The aim of this workshop is to deepen our empirical and theoretical knowledge on the syntax of infinitives, gerunds and pseudo-relative clauses with causative, perception and restructuring verbs in Romance languages and varieties, as well as on older stages, starting from Latin, and on the diachronic path that led to an evolution within these constructions.

Invited Speakers:
- Pilar P. Barbosa (U do Minho)
- Adriana Belletti (Siena)
- Pierluigi Cuzzolin (Bergamo)
- Maria-Teresa Guasti (U Bicocca, Milan)
- Adam Ledgeway (Cambridge)
- Alexandru Nicolae (Bucharest)
- Francisco Ordóñez (Stony Brook)
- Esther Rinke (Frankfurt)

For more information, please visit our webpage (


We are pleased to announce the program of 'The Syntax of Causative, Perception and Restructuring Verbs in Romance and Latin' (SCUP22), which will take place on-site on 26 & 27 May 2022 at the University of Palermo:

Those interested in attending the conference are asked to register at:


8:45-9:00: Registration
9:00-9:10: Welcome
9:10-10:10: (invited speaker) A. Ledgeway (Cambridge) - Finite and infinitival alternations in restructuring and causative constructions: evidence from Magna Graecia
10:10-10:40: M. Olivier, R. Folli & C. Sevdali (Ulster) - Restructuring without clitic climbing
10:40-11:10: BREAK
11:10-11:40: M. R. Manzini (Florence) & A. Roussou (Patras) - Italian and Albanian causatives: phase heads, Agree, case
11:40-12:40: (invited speaker) P. Barbosa (Minho) - Identity avoidance effects in inflected infinitival complements of perception verbs
12:40-14:15: LUNCH
14:15-15:15: (invited speaker) A. Nicolae (Bucharest) – Complement size and restructuring. The view from Romanian
15:15-15:45: E.-M. Remberger (Vienna) - DO-constructions in Sardinian: The syntax and semantics of an impersonal causative
15:45-16:15: P. Lorusso (Udine) & L. Badan (Ghent) - A cross-linguistic comparison of clausal embedding with causative and perception verbs
17:15-17:45: A. Cardinaletti, S. Cerutti & F. Volpato (Ca’ Foscari, Venice) - On the acquisition of clitic placement in restructuring: a study on Italian pre-school and school-age children
17:45-18:45: (invited speaker) M. T. Guasti (Milano Bicocca) - How children navigate the causative space

FRIDAY, 27 MAY 2022

9:00-10:00: (invited speaker) F. Ordóñez (Stony Brook) - Generalized DOM, two Specs for causees and Dependent case: variation in Spanish dialects
10:00-10:30: C. Soares & J. Wood (Yale) - Prepositional Infinitives in European Portuguese as Voice Alternations
10:30-11:00: J. Casalicchio (Palermo) & M. Sheehan (Newcastle) - More on passives of causatives in Spanish and Italian: data from corpora and an acceptability judgement task
11:00-11:30: BREAK
11:30-12:00: G. Kaiser (Konstanz) & K. von Heusinger (Köln) - On the emergence of argument encoding in causatives constructions in Romance
12:00-13:00: (invited speaker) P. Cuzzolin (Bergamo) - Remarks on the complementizers introducing causatives and perception verbs
13:00-14:30: LUNCH
14:30-15:30: (invited speaker) E. Rinke (Frankfurt) - The emergence of the Portuguese inflected infinitive as a complement of causative verbs: Reconsidering the impact of the Latin AcI
15:30-16:00: A. L. Santos (Lisbon) - Object control verbs as causatives and the interpretation of inflected infinitives
16:00-16:30: A. Gonçalves (Lisbon) - Faire-Inf with causative verbs and Restructuring in European Portuguese
16:30-17:00: BREAK
17:00-17:30: F. Martin (Humboldt Berlin), C. Dal Farra (Milano Bicocca), Y. Nie (Humboldt Berlin), S. Silleresi (Milano Bicocca) - Who did it? How alternating verbs are interpreted under faire
17:30-18:30 (invited speaker): A. Belletti (Siena) - Causative and Reflexive passives: The case of si-causative passive in (child) Italian
18:30-19:00: CONCLUSIONS


- I. Amato (Leipzig) - Auxiliary selection in Italian restructuring: into the size of the clause
- E. Di Domenico (Perugia) - Object Clitic Reduplication in Perugino
- (+alternate) M. Donazzan (Nantes) & C. Raffy (Paris 8) - Let it happen in Spanish and French: probing causation at the interface
- (+alternate) A. Fiéis & A. Madeira (U. Nova Lisbon) - Control, restructuring and temporal interpretation: a view from Portuguese
- I. Venagli (Konstanz), M. Mae Vann (Ca’ Foscari Venice), T. Kupisch (Konstanz), V. Valian (Hunter College & CUNY) & G. Bencini (Ca’ Foscari Venice) - The processing of Italian si-causative passives: A cross-linguistic priming study

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