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Fri 12 Feb 1993

Confs: Slavic, Insecurity, Cancellation, Logic, SALT

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  • Thierry van Steenberghe, Announcement: linguistic insecurity
  • BU Conference on Language Development, 1993 BU Conference *cancellation*
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    Message 1: slavic workshop/request for posting

    Date: Sat, 6 Feb 93 23:26:30 ESTslavic workshop/request for posting
    From: <>
    Subject: slavic workshop/request for posting

    CALL FOR PAPERS ****** CALL FOR PAPERS .........CIRCULATE LOCALLY......... ======================================= CALL FOR PAPERS ****** CALL FOR PAPERS ======================================= 2nd Annual Workshop FORMAL APPROACHES TO SLAVIC LINGUISTICS ======================================= May 15-16, 1993 MIT, Cambridge, Mass. ======================================= Guest speaker MORRIS HALLE ======================================= ABSTRACTS are invited for 30-minute papers on topics dealing with formal aspects of Slavic syntax, semantics, morphology, phonology and psycholinguistics. ======================================= SEND three copies of a one-page anonymous abstract and enclose a separate card with your name, address and title of the paper. Address abstracts to: Sergey Avrutin Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences E10-106 MIT 77 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139 ======================================= Abstracts must be received by March 31, 1993. ======================================= Persons interested in attending the workshop may wish to register their address with Sergey Avrutin at: SERGEYPSYCHE.MIT.EDU ======================================= ************* ********* ***** *** *

    Message 2: Announcement: linguistic insecurity

    Date: Tue, 9 Feb 93 12:27:55 +01Announcement: linguistic insecurity
    From: Thierry van Steenberghe <>
    Subject: Announcement: linguistic insecurity

    Le groupe de recherche VALIBEL organise un colloque sur le theme:

    l'insecurite linguistique dans les communautes francophones peripheriques.

    Date: du 10 au 12 novembre 1993. Lieu: universite de Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgique) Envoi du titre de la communication: avant le 1er mars 1993.

    Contact: Prof. Michel FRANCARD Faculte de Philosophie et Lettres College Erasme B.-1348 LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE Tel.: ++ 32 - 10 - 474978 Fax.: ++ 32 - 10 - 472579

    E-mail: <>

    Message 3: 1993 BU Conference *cancellation*

    Date: Tue, 9 Feb 93 09:06:51 -051993 BU Conference *cancellation*
    From: BU Conference on Language Development <>
    Subject: 1993 BU Conference *cancellation*

    We regret that the annual BOSTON UNIVERSITY CONFERENCE ON LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT will not be held in 1993.

    The conference is run by the Ph.D. Program in Applied Linguistics. However, University reductions in linguistics faculty and resources have placed the graduate (as well as the undergraduate) linguistics program in jeopardy.

    We would welcome letters of support for our Ph.D. Program in Applied Linguistics and for the annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, sent to:

    Carol Neidle, Director Ph.D. Program in Applied Linguistics phone and fax: Boston University 617-353-6218 718 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215

    We will then forward them to the Provost at the appropriate time. Please contact me directly if you would like any additional information.

    We hope that the University will restore these essential resources to the linguistics program, and that we will be able to hold the conference in 1994.

    Thank you.

    Carol Neidle


    Date: 11 Feb 1993 15:04:54 -0700CONFERENCE ON LOGIC AND LINGUISTICS

    ---please post---



    to be held at Ohio State University July 31-August 1, 1993 in conjunction with the 1993 LSA Linguistic Institute

    sponsored by

    The Association for Symbolic Logic & The Linguistic Society of America

    invited speakers

    E. Keenan & E. Stabler D. Miller & J. Hodas G. Morrill

    Abstracts are solicited for contributions addressing logical issues in linguistic theory or linguistic applications of logical theory. Topics include, but are not limited to, the logical structure of natural languages, formal languages and linguistic representations; the applications of model-theoretic and proof-theoretic techniques to linguistic phenomena; foundational studies of logical concepts and cognitive processes motivated by empirical research on language. Papers will be allotted 30 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. The Program Committee consists of David Dowty, Alice ter Meulen, Larry Moss, Richard Oehrle, William Rounds and Richmond Thomason. Abstracts should be not more than four pages in length and should indicate the paper's title; its author's name, affiliation, and e-mail and postal addresses. Abstracts should be submitted by March 1, 1993 either via e-mail (as an ASCII or LaTeX file) to or in hardcopy (7 copies) to Richard Oehrle, Department of Linguistics, Douglass 200E, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721. Submission via e-mail is strongly encouraged. Notification of acceptance will be mailed May 1, 1993.

    Message 5: For Listserv: SALT III Prelim Program

    Date: Thu, 11 Feb 93 14:30:17 PSFor Listserv: SALT III Prelim Program
    From: <>
    Subject: For Listserv: SALT III Prelim Program

    SALT III Semantics and Linguistic Theory, 3rd Annual Meeting March 5 - 7, 1993 University of California, Irvine

    Preliminary Program

    Friday, March 5, 1993, Monarch Bay B, Student Center:

    9:00 Hans Kamp, University of Stuttgart. Strong, Weak, Proportional and Cardinality Quantifiers. 10:00 Chris Barker, Ohio State University. A Presuppositional Account of Proportional Ambiguity. 10:40 break 11:00 Veneeta Srivastav-Dayal, Rutgers University. The Semantics of Scope Marking Structures. 11:40 Dorit Ben-Shalom, University of California, Los Angeles. Object Wide Scope and Semantic Trees. 12:20 lunch 2:00 Ton van der Wouden and Franz Zwarts, University of Groningen. Negative Concord. 2:40 Murvet Enc, University of Wisconsin, Madsion. Free Choice and Negative Polarity NPs as Variables. 3:40 break 4:00 Laurent Dekydtspotter, Cornell University. The Syntax and Semantics of French Ne...Que Construction. 4:40 Karina Wilkinson, Ben-Gurion University. Towards a Unified Semantics of "Even".

    Saturday, March 6, 1993, Social Science Tower, Room 220:

    9:00 Jo-wang Lin, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The Syntax and Semantics of Reciprocal WH-constructions. 9:40 John Bowers, Cornell University. The Syntax and Semantics of Stage Level and Individual Level Predicates. 10:20 break 10:40 Patrick Farrell, University of California, Davis. The Interplay of Syntax and Semantics in Obligatory Control. 11:20 Edward Keenan, University of California, Los Angeles. A Semantic Basis for Binding Theory? 12:20 lunch 2:00 Gillian Ramchand, Stanford University. Verbal Nouns and Event Structure in Scottish Gaelic. 2:40 James Higginbotham, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Events and Aspects. 3:40 break 4:00 Peter Lasersohn, University of Rochester. Lexical Distributivity and Implict Arguments. 4:40 Manfred Krifka, University of Texas. Parametrized Sum Individuals for Singular/Plural Reference and Distributive/Cumulative Predication. 5:20 SALT Business Meeting 7:00 Cocktail party and dinner

    Sunday, March 7, 1993, Monarch Bay B, Student Center:

    10:00 Ruriko Kawashima, Cornell University and Hisatsugu Kitahara, Harvard University. On the Interpretation of VP-Internal Subjects and Their Floating Numerical Classifiers. 10:40 Richard Larson, State University of New York, Stonybrook. The Projection of NP and AP Structure. 11:40 break 12:00 Agnes Bendes-Farkas, Eotvos University. Focus in Dynamic Semantics. 12:40 Elena Herburger, University of Southern California. Focus and the LF of NP Quantification.

    For information contact SALT III at