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Sun 06 Nov 1994

All: Internet-accessible linguistic data-sources

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    Message 1: Internet-accessible linguistic data-sources

    Date: Sun, 6 Nov 1994 17:29:41 -Internet-accessible linguistic data-sources
    From: The LINGUIST List <>
    Subject: Internet-accessible linguistic data-sources

    Subscribers have asked us to compile a list of linguistic resources which are available on the Internet and on World Wide Web, and to make that list generally available through the LINGUIST File and Web servers. We've also been asked to compile a list of linguistic departments and programs which have either Web servers, or information accessible through gopher or ftp.

    We're happy to do this--we think it would be very useful resource for subscribers--but we need you to help us, by providing the information that file will contain. These resources can be of any nature: they can be ftp'able files containing linguistic data, places where gopher servers having access to linguistic files exist, or documents available through Web servers.

    We've appended the list of linguistic resources we have so far. We know this is incomplete. Can you help us find what's missing--and keep us informed of anything new that appears as time passes?


    Anthony & Helen ________________________________________________

    *****Programs and Departments*****

    Brown University, Rhode Island URL:

    Carnegie Mellon University, Languages and Linguistics. URL:

    Georgetown University, Department of Linguistics. URL:

    Goteborg University (Computational Linguistics) URL:

    Lajos Kossuth University, Center for Applied Linguistics URL:

    Lancaster University, Department of Linguistics and Modern English Language. URL:

    Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Department of Linguistics. URL:

    University of Arizona, Department of Linguistics. URL:

    University College, London. Department of Phonetics and Linguistics. URL:

    University of London, Birkbeck College. Department of Applied Linguistics. URL:

    University of Pennsylvania, Linguistics Department. URL: gopher://";>

    University of Rochester, New York URL:

    University of Sussex, School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences URL:

    *******General sources of linguistic information********

    Ethnologue: the SIL searchable catalog of the world's languages. URL: gopher://

    The Aboriginal Studies Electronic Data Archive (ASEDA) URL:

    The University of Edinburgh URL:";>University of Edinburgh

    International Computer Archive of Modern English (ICAME), at the University of Bergen. URL:

    The Goteborg databank of Swedish texts. URL:

    The Linguistic Software Archive at The University of Michigan. URL:

    The Linguistic Data Consortium at the University of Pennsylvania. URL:";>

    The University of Virginia Electronic Text Center URL:

    Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) URL:

    **********General Indices*********";>Linguistics VirtualLibrary.html