LINGUIST List 5.153

Fri 11 Feb 1994

Qs: Email, Lacan, Quechua, Generics

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  • , E-mail
  • Chris L Johns, Lacan
  • Michael Kac, Quechua Possessives
  • Michael Kac, Marking of Generics

    Message 1: E-mail

    Date: Tue, 08 Feb 94 16:33:28 +0E-mail
    From: <>
    Subject: E-mail

    Hello, I am doing my MA in Applied Language Studies: Computing in University of Kent at Canterbury. I've been working for my next essay on "E-mail". Could anyone let me have some useful information: how linguists can benefit by using e-mail, what are distinctive features of e-mail(not only concerning sending & receiving mails), and probablly some defects to reconsider...

    I've got Sproull's Connections(91) and Simpson's Planning for Electronic Mail(82) and found them quite interesting and relevant for my essay. Thank you in advance. Mari Yanai

    Message 2: Lacan

    Date: Tue, 8 Feb 94 17:04:26 ESTLacan
    From: Chris L Johns <>
    Subject: Lacan

    I'm interested in finding any intelligent/clear critiques of Lacan's linguistic theories. If you know of anything published along these lines please let me know. send e-mail to:

    Thanks again!

    Message 3: Quechua Possessives

    Date: Tue, 8 Feb 1994 20:17:33 -Quechua Possessives
    From: Michael Kac <>
    Subject: Quechua Possessives

    If there is anyone out there who is either a native speaker of or reasonably conversant with Quechua, I'd like to solicit some data regarding the morphosyntax of possessive constructions in the lg. Anyone who'd be interested in helping me out is invited to contact me directly at My thanks in advance.

    Michael Kac

    Message 4: Marking of Generics

    Date: Tue, 8 Feb 1994 20:20:04 -Marking of Generics
    From: Michael Kac <>
    Subject: Marking of Generics

    Are there languages in which there is some kind of overt morphological or lexical marking to indicate genericity -- i.e. in which e.g. *the lion* qua generic is formally distinguished from *the lion* qua singular definite description? Responses should be directed to me personally, at, and I'll summarize to the list if the results are of sufficient interest.

    Michael Kac