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Tue 18 Jan 1994

Confs: Third diachronic generative syntax conference

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  • Ans van Kemenade, programme 3rd diachronic generative syntax conference

    Message 1: programme 3rd diachronic generative syntax conference

    Date: Tue, 18 Jan 94 12:47:21 MEprogramme 3rd diachronic generative syntax conference
    From: Ans van Kemenade <>
    Subject: programme 3rd diachronic generative syntax conference

    Programme of The Third Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 30 March -31 March-1 April 1994

    Wednesday 30 March Location: Vrije Universiteit, Auditorium

    9.00 Registration/coffee 9.50 Welcome address by Geert Booij, president of Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics (HIL) and the Dutch national linguistics network (LOT)

    10.00-10.50 Paul Kiparsky (Stanford) The rise of positional licensing in Germanic


    11.10-12.00 Claudia Parodi (UCLA) Participle agreement and object shift in Old Spanish 12.00-12.50 Fred Weerman (Utrecht) Scrambling and morphological case without case theory

    Lunch, Free University restaurant

    14.00-14.50 Cecilia Falk (Lund) Embedded word order in Old Swedish and Modern Swedish 14.50-15.40 Anthony Kroch and Ann Taylor (UPenn Philadelphia) The loss of OV word order in Middle English


    16.00-16.50 Discussion: H skuldur Thr insson (Harvard)


    Thursday 31 March Location: Vrije Universiteit, Auditorium

    9.00-9.50 David Lightfoot (Maryland) Shifting triggers and diachronic reanalyses 9.50-10.40 Steven Sch ufele (Urbana/Budapest) Do as I do, not as I say: a study of the history of V-AGR merger, VP-negation, and do-support in English, 1350-1750


    11.00-11.50 Alison Henry (Ulster) Viewing change in progress: the loss of V2 in Hiberno- English imperatives 11.50-12.20 Discussion: Hans Den Besten (Amsterdam)/ Wim van der Wurff (Leiden)

    Lunch, Free University restaurant

    13.30-14.20 Paul Hirschb hler and Laurie Zaring (Ottawa) Qu'est-ce que ce que? The diachronic evolution of a French complementizer 14.20-15.10 Josep Fontana (Ohio State) Romance and Germanic looked a lot alike when they were older


    15.30-16.20 Monique Dufresne and Fernande Dupuis (Montreal) A modular approach to the reanalysis of the French subject pronoun 16.20-17.10 Maria Luisa Rivero (Ottawa) Two locations for complement clitic pronouns 17.10-18.00 discussion: Johan Roorijck (Leiden)

    19.30 Dinner

    Friday 1 April Location: Agnietenkapel

    9.00-9.50 Ian Roberts (Bangor/Maryland) Cliticisation and word order in the history of English (and French)


    10.10-11.00 Kees van Dijk (Amsterdam) The IPP-effect, perfect tense and applicative constructions 11.00-11.50 Cecilia Poletto and Paula Beninca (Padua) The development of modal verbs of necessity in standard Italian 11.50-12.15 Business meeting


    13.30-14.20 Werner Abraham (Groningen) Case, aspect and aktionsart - their interdependence in the history of German 14.20-15.10 Julia Philippi (Stuttgart) The historical development of DP


    15.30-16.20 Nigel Vincent (Manchester) The emergence of the D-system in Romance 16.20-17.10 Discussion: Giuseppe Longobardi (Venice)

    Alternates: 1) Eithne Guilfoyle (Calgary) External arguments and infinitivals in Old English 2) Susan Clack (Bangor) A consideration of V2 in regards to Middle Welsh The registration fee for the conference is Hfl. 80,-, to be paid upon registration. This includes coffee, tea, 2 lunches, drinks on Wednesday, and a book of abstracts.

    Those interested in attending the conference may apply for a hotel booking form from the organiser. It is advisable to do this very soon, as the hotel situation in Amsterdam is extremely tight around Easter.

    The Third Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference is sponsored by the Dutch national linguistics network LOT, the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Dutch Foundation for Scientific Research NWO, the faculty of arts of the University of Amsterdam, the faculty of Arts of the Free University Amsterdam.

    Executive committee: Aafke Hulk, Eric Reuland, Fred Weerman

    For further information, contact the conference organiser Ans van Kemenade Vrije Universiteit Vakgroep Taalkunde/Engels De Boelelaan 1105 1081 HV Amsterdam e-mail: fax: #31-20-6446436