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Books: Computational ling, Phonology, Lang acquisition

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    COMPUTATIONAL LING Bengt Sigurd (ed) COMPUTERIZED GRAMMARS FOR ANALYSIS AND MACHINE TRANSLATION Travaux de l'institut de linguistique de Lund 29, 1994, 148 pp. Computational linguistics US $30 Distributed by Lund University Press, Box 141, S-221 00 Lund, Sweden (ISBN 91-7966-304-4) Chartwell-Bratt Ltd, Old Orchard, Bickley Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 2NE, UK (ISBN 0-86238-383-8) This book presents grammars developed within the Swedish machine translation project SWETRA. The grammars are original contributions but are based on different features of grammatical theories, above all Diderichsen's Field Grammar, TG, GPSG and GB. The grammars are implemented in Prolog (DCG). The basic languages treated are Swedish and English, but Japanese, Russian, Indonesian and Mapudungu are also touched upon. PHONOLOGY & PHONETICS Watt, David L. E. THE PHONOLOGY AND SEMOLOGY OF INTONATION IN ENGLISH: AN INSTRUMENTAL AND SYSTEMIC PERSPECTIVE. 1994. 192 pp. 6x9 book, PREPAID US$20.00 + 3.50 p&h(US)/ 5.00 (CAN)/5.50 (Other). IULC Publications, 720 E. Atwater Ave., Bloomington IN 47401. <>. Intonation. Watt presents an extensive study of intonation and its meaning potential from a systemic functional perspective, advancing Halliday's description of intonation. Includes over 250 instrumentally derived illustrations of examples from original tape recordings, cited examples and recordings of casual conversations. LANG ACQUISITION Philip, William. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst); Event Quantification in the Acquisition of Universal Quantification, Pb. xi + 221 pp. Ph.D. dissertation, 1995. $16 + S/H ($3 domestic, $4 foreign surface). Graduate Linguistic Student Association (GLSA), UMass, Amherst. This dissertation investigates a robust phenomenon of nonadult-like comprehension performance found in an early stage of the acquisition of universal quantification, and shows how this phenomenon relates to the principles governing the linguistic representation of universal quantification in adult grammar. In so doing, the dissertation also establishes a body of psycholinguistic evidence in support of the general (Davidsonian) thesis that in natural language there is quantification over individual events as well as quantification over individual objects. For further information, contact THE ACQUISITION OF THE LEXICON edited by Lila Gleitman and Barbara Landau A special edition of LINGUA--A Bradford Book The MIT Press $39.95 paper To order: <> or 800.356.0343 or 617.625.8569 Interdisciplinary essay collection on the aquisition of vocabulary in infants, with emphasis on linguisitics and psycholinguistics. Available for discussion.
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