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Mon 30 Jan 1995

Confs: Programs for SALT 5 and BLS 21

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    Message 1: SALT 5 - Semantics conference

    Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 12:55:41 SALT 5 - Semantics conference
    From: <>
    Subject: SALT 5 - Semantics conference

    Preliminary Program: Semantics and Linguistic Theory 5 (SALT 5)

    University of Texas at Austin, February 24 - 26, 1995

    (Names of invited speakers appear in CAPITALS)

    Thursday, February 23:

    8-11p.m. Registration and Get-together in the Driskill hotel

    Friday, February 24:

    8-9 Registration 9-10 RAY JACKENDOFF, Brandeis University: "The Conceptual Structure of Intending and Volitional Action" 10-10.40 Jost Zwarts, Utrecht University: "The Semantics of Relative Position" 10.40-11 Break 11-11.40 Alex Lascarides, University of Edinburgh, Ann Copestake, Stanford University: "The Pragmatics of Word Meaning" 11.40-12.20 Anatoli Strigin, Max Planck Group "Structural Grammar", Berlin: "Abductive Inference During Update: The German preposition 'with'" 12.20-1.30 Lunch 1.30-2.10 Claudia Maienborn, Humboldt University, Berlin: "Towards a Compositional Semantics for Locative Modifiers" 2.10-2.50 Giulia Centineo, UCSC/UCB: "The Distribution of the Clitic 'si' in Italian Transitive/ Inchoative Pairs" 2.50-3.10 Break 3.10-3.50 Robin Schafer, UCSC/UCSD: "The SLP/ILP Distinction in 'Have' Predication" 3.50-4.30 Chris Barker, University of Rochester: "Episodic '-ee' in English" 4.30-4.50 Break 4.50-5.30 Friederike Moltmann, CUNY: "Deriving Readings of Part Structure Modifiers" 5.30-6.30 ARNIM VON STECHOW, University of Tuebingen: "The Proper Representation of Tense"

    Saturday, February 25:

    9-10 STANLEY PETERS, Stanford University: TBA 10-10.40 Satoshi Tomioka, University of Massachusetts at Amherst: "Focus Restricts Scope: Quantifier in VP Ellipsis" 10.40-11 Break 11-11.40 Jan Lerner, Manfred Pinkal, University of Saarbruecken: "Comparative Ellipsis and Variable Binding" 11.40-12.20 Toshiyuki Ogihara, University of Washington, Seattle: "Non-factual 'Before' and Adverbs of Quantification" 12.20-1.30 Lunch 1.30-2.10 Jeroen Groenendijk, University of Amsterdam: "Definite Descriptions in Update Semantics" 2.10-2.50 Reinhard Blutner, Max Planck Group "Structural Grammar", Berlin: "'Normality' in Update Semantics" 2.50-3.10 Break 3.10-3.50 Yoad Winter, OTS, Utrecht: "Syncategorematic Conjunction and Structured Meanings" 3.50-4.30 Daniel Buering, University of Cologne: "The Great Scope Inversion Conspiracy" 4.30-5.00 Business Meeting 5.30 Excursion to THE SALT LICK RESTAURANT, Hays County (Texas BBQ)

    Sunday, February 26:

    9-10 VENEETA DAYAL, Rutgers University: "Licensing 'any' in Non-Modal/Non-Negative Contexts" 10-10.40 Eric Jackson, University of Groningen: "Negative Polarity and General Statements" 10.40-11 Break 11-11.40 Maria Uribe-Echevarria, UCI: "Negative Polarity Licensing, Indefinites, and Complex Predicates" 11.40-12.20 Utpal Lahiri, UCI: "On Negative Polarity Items in Hindi"

    Alternates: Anastasia Giannakidou, University of Groningen: "Subjunctive, Habituality, and the Licensing of Polarity Items" Polly Jacobson, Brown University: "On Apparent Exceptions to Weak Crossover in a Variable-Free Semantics" Knud Lambrecht, University of Texas at Austin: "Compositional and Constructional Meaning: The case of French 'comme'"

    The conference will be held at the University of Texas at Austin, Flawn Academic Center, 4th Floor Conference fees: $35, $25 for students, payable by check or cash at registration.

    Rooms have been reserved in the Driskill hotel in downtown Austin, phone 512-4745911, 1-800-2529367 8am-6pm CST, fax 512-4742188. Please mention that you take part in the SALT conference in order to get the special rate of $65 single, $75 double room. THESE RATES WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLY TILL WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8!

    SALT 5 committee Dept. of Linguistics University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX 78712-1196 LIGK417UTXVMS.CC.UTEXAS.EDU NASHERBERTIE.LA.UTEXAS.EDU

    Message 2: BLS 21 Conference Program

    Date: Sat, 28 Jan 1995 09:43:21 BLS 21 Conference Program
    From: erma <>
    Subject: BLS 21 Conference Program

    The Twenty-First Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society University of California, Berkeley February 17-20, 1995

    Conference Program

    Parasession: Historical Issues in Sociolinguistics/ Social Issues in Historical Linguistics

    Special Session: Discourse in Southeast Asian Languages

    SPECIAL SESSION, FRIDAY, February 17, 1995 Sproul Rooms, International House 2299 Piedmont Ave at Bancroft

    Invited speakers: Alton Becker, University of Michigan, Jack Bilmes, University of Hawaii, Yung-O Biq, San Francisco State University, David Solnit, University of Michigan

    8:00 Registration Begins

    MORNING SESSION: 9:00 A. L. Becker, University of Michigan, "Giving distance its due" 9:40 Michael C. Ewing, UC Santa Barbara, "Two pathways to identifiability in Cirebon Javanese" 10:10 Mark Durie, University of Melbourne, "Framing Acehnese: Language choice and discourse structures in Aceh"

    LATE MORNING SESSION: 10:50 Yung-O Biq, San Francisco State University, "Causal relation and information sequencing in Mandarin" 11:30 Minglang Zhou, University of Oregon, "Local and global coreferences: third-person zero pronoun in Chinese narratives" 12:00 Yili Shi, Ball State University, "On the degrees of givenness: An analysis of noun phrases in some Chinese constructions

    LUNCH BREAK (12:30-1:30)

    AFTERNOON SESSION: 1:30 Jack Bilmes, University of Hawaii, "Dividing the rice II: Reaching a compromise in Northern Thai" 2:10 Shoichi Iwasaki, UCLA and Preeya Horie, National Language Institute, Japan, "Creating the middle ground register in Thai conversation" 2:40 Leela Bilmes, UC Berkeley, "The grammaticalization of Thai 'Come' and 'Go'"

    LATE AFTERNOON SESSION: 3:20 David Solnit, University of Michigan, "Parallelism in Kayah Li: Elaborate expressions and beyond" 4:00 Li-chiung Yang, Georgetown University, "Prosodic patterns and discourse organization" 4:30 Eric Schiller, Linguistics Unlimited, "Not yes, not no: The Zen of Khmer discourse particles"

    5:10 Stephen C. Fincke, UC Santa Barbara, "Social responsibility and deixis in Tagalog demonstratives" 5:40 Sherri Brainard, "Functions of marked aspect in expository discourse in Upper Tanudan Kalinga (Philippines)"

    GENERAL SESSION and PARASESSION February 18-20, 1995 Boalt Hall University of California, Berkeley

    Invited speakers, General Session: Young-Mee Yu Cho, Stanford University, Jane Grimshaw, Rutgers University, Michael Silverstein, University of Chicago,

    Invited speakers, Parasession: John McWhorter, Cornell University, Derek Nurse, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Suzanne Romaine, Merton College, Oxford University


    8:00 Registration for General Session and Parasession Opens

    MORNING SESSION: General Session 9:00 Jane Grimshaw, Rutgers 9:40 Bernard Tranel, UC Irvine, "On the Status of Universal Association Conventions: Evidence from Mixteco" 10:10 Andrea Heiberg, U Arizona, "A Non-derivational Approach to Winnebago Stress"

    LATE MORNING SESSION: Parasession 11:05 Suzanne Romaine, Merton College, Oxford University, "Internal vs. External Change in Socio-Historical Linguistics: A Fruitless Dichotomy?" 11:45 Kevin Tuite, U de Montreal, "The Declension of Ethnonyms in English" 12:15 Jose Hualde, U Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Benjamin P. Sanders, Northeastern University, "Historical Development of the Andalusian Vowel System" 12:45 Ian Green, Australian National University, "The Death of "prefixing": Contact Induced Typological Change in Northern Australia"

    LUNCH BREAK (1:15-2:25)

    AFTERNOON SESSION: General Session 2:25 Rachel Nordlinger, Stanford, "Split Tense and Mood Inflection in Wambaya" 2:55 Ed Zoerner, UC Irvine, "Conjunction as a Case Feature-Checker" 3:25 Yoon-Suk Chung, UCB, "On a Scalar Operator" 3:55 Raul Aranovich, UCSD, "Spanish 'casi' as a Scalar Operator"

    LATE AFTERNOON SESSION: General Session 4:50 Jun Da, U Texas, "The Interaction of Binding Principles and the Chinese Reflexive ta-ziji" 5:20 Barbara Birch, CSU Fresno, "Neurological Evidence for a Functional Basis for Lexical Categories" 5:50 Elisabeth Kuhn, Virginia Commonwealth U, "Germany vs "The South" or: Should (and Can?) Second Language Learners Be Taught How to Be "rude" or "sweet"?" 6:20 Brian F. Bowdle, Northwestern, "Generic Demonstratives"

    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1995

    MORNING SESSION: General Session 9:00 Michael Silverstein, U Chicago, "Kiksht (Wasco-Wishram) 'Impersonals' as Anaphors and the Predictiveness of Grammatical- Categorical Universals"" 9:40 Julie Solomon, Stanford, "Local and Global Functions of a Borrowed/ Native Pair of Discourse Markers in a Yucatec Maya Narrative" 10:10 Nicholas Kibre, UCSB, "Word Order, Mutation, and Grammatical Relations in Welsh"

    LATE MORNING SESSION: General Session 11:05 Eric Jackson, U of Groningen, "Negative Concord and Logical Form" 11:35 Jong-Bok Kim, Stanford, "English Negation from a Non-Derivational Perspective" 12:05 Michael Israel, UCSD, "Two Types of Negative Polarity Constructions" 12:35 Kyoko Hirose Ohara, UCB, "What's in a Place? Extended uses of a physical-world noun in Japanese"

    LUNCH BREAK (1:05-2:15)

    AFTERNOON SESSION: Parasession 2:15 John McWhorter, Cornell University, "Renewing our Vows: Creole Studies and Historical Linguistics" 2:55 Patricia Cukor-Avila, U of North Texas and Guy Bailey, U of Memphis, "Gramaticalization in AAVE" 3:25 Laurel Brinton, U British Columbia, "Pragmatics Markers in a Diachronic Perspective" 3:55 Derek Nurse, Memorial University of Newfoundland, "Linguistics and History in Africa"

    LATE AFTERNOON SESSION: General Session 4:50 Robert Kirchner, UCLA, "Contrastiveness is an Epiphenomenon of Constraint RankingS 5:25 Paul Fallon, Ohio State U, "Diachronic Typology; The Case of Ejectives" 5:50 Philip Hamilton, U Toronto, "Vowel Phonotactic Positions in Australian Aboriginal Languages" 6:20 Matthew Gordon, U Michigan Ann Arbor, "The Phonological Composition of Personal Pronouns: Implications for Genetic Hypotheses"


    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1995

    MORNING SESSION: Parasession 9:00 Marvin Kramer, UCB, "Yokuts as a Target Language in a Shift from Miwok" 9:40 Robbin Clamons, Hamline U, "How Recent Contact Erased Ancient Traces in the Gender Systems of Oromo Dialects" 10:10 Gregory Anderson, U Chicago, "Diachronic Aspects of Russianisms in Siberian Turkic: Assimilation to 'Codeswitching'" 10:40 Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl, UCB, "Variation in Modern Dutch d-weakening"

    LATE MORNING SESSION: General Session 11:35 Yoshimi Miyake, U Michigan Ann Arbor, "Local Prestige of a Dialect in the Face of a Standard: a Japanese Case Study" 12:05 Hope Doyle, U Colorado Denver, "Ethnolinguistic Loyalties among Barcelona's Teens" 12:35 Yoko Hasegawa, UCB and Kazue Hata, Speech Technology Laboratory, Panasonic Technologies, Inc., "The Function of F0-peak Delay in Japanese"

    LUNCH BREAK (1:05-2:15)

    AFTERNOON SESSION: General Session 2:15 Young-Mee Yu-Cho, Stanford, "'Ordering Paradoxes' Revisited" 2:55 Lionel Wee, UCB, "Verbal Prefixation in Malay: Reconfiguring Paradigmatic Relations" 3:25 C. Orhan Orgun, UCB, "Flat versus Branching Morphological Structures: The Case of Suspended Affixation" 3:55 Piroska Csuri, Brandeis, "One-anaphora and Residual DRS's"

    LATE AFTERNOON SESSION: General Session 4:50 Rebecca Wheeler, Independent, "'Understand' in Conceptual Semantics" 4:45 Martin Everaert, Utrecht U, "Predicate Fusion; Light Verb Constructions" 5:15 Mengistu Amberber, McGill U, "Functional Verbs in Predicate Formation: Event-type Hierarchy and Grammaticization"