LINGUIST List 7.1265

Thu Sep 12 1996

Calls: Semantics and ling theory, Romance langs

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  • Salt7 Conference, Semantics and linguistics theory (SALT)
  • Linguistic Symposium, Romance languages

    Message 1: Semantics and linguistics theory (SALT)

    Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 12:50:32 PDT
    From: Salt7 Conference <salt7csli.Stanford.EDU>
    Subject: Semantics and linguistics theory (SALT)

    SALT-97 Second call for Papers

    SEMANTICS and LINGUISTIC THEORY Seventh Annual Meeting

    Stanford University Stanford, CA

    March 21-23, 1997

    Invited speakers: Gennaro Chierchia Chuck Fillmore Irene Heim Craige Roberts

    SALT VII invites submissions for 30-minute presentations (with 10 additional minutes for discussion) on any topic in the semantic analysis of natural language emphasizing the connection to linguistic theory. Authors should submit 10 copies of abstracts (one with name and affiliation), no more than 2 pages (1000) words long. Authors' names, addresses, affiliations, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and paper titles should accompany the abstracts on a 3x5 card. No Fax or E-mail submissions will be accepted.

    Abstract deadline: November 22, 1996

    Abstracts should be sent to:

    SALT-97 Committee Department of Linguistics building 460 Stanford University Stanford CA 94305-2150 phone: (415) 723-4284

    The program will be completed by the second half of January, at which time conference information will be made available. For inquiries, write to the address above or email to "". Web page:

    The Proceedings of SALT are generally published by DMLL, Cornell University. The page limit for invited speakers is 25 pages; for others it is 18.

    Proceedings of SALT I, III, IV and V are available at: Proceedings of SALT VI will also be published by Cornell.

    For Proceedings of SALT II, write to

    Message 2: Romance languages

    Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 09:27:32 PDT
    From: Linguistic Symposium <>
    Subject: Romance languages

    ================================================= Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages - LSRL 27 =================================================

    Place: University of California, Irvine

    Date: February 20-22, 1997

    Deadline for receipt of abstracts: October 15, 1996


    Invited speakers:

    Luigi Burzio, Johns Hopkins University Viviane Deprez, Rutgers University Carmen Silva-Corvalan, University of Southern California Juan Uriagereka, University of Maryland


    Abstracts for 20-minute talks are invited for the 27th LSRL to be held at the University of California, Irvine, on February 20-22, 1997.

    Abstracts on any aspect of Romance linguistics and from any theoretical perspective are welcome.

    Send 9 copies of a one-page (letter size, 1-inch margins), unreduced, anonymous abstract. An additional copy should list the author's name and affiliation (this copy will be reproduced in the Meeting Handbook). Include a 3" X 5" card with the title of the paper, author's name, affiliation, address, telephone number, e-mail, and primary area of linguistics addressed in the paper.

    LSRL-27 Organizing Committee Department of Linguistics University of California, Irvine Irvine, CA 92697-5100, U.S.A.

    Phone: 714/824-7504 E-mail:

    Note: e-mail submissions or faxed abstracts cannot be accepted.

    Travel grants: Students whose abstracts are selected will be eligible for a modest travel grant. Please specify on the 3" X 5" card whether you are a student interested in such a travel grant.

    Conference supported by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, the School of Social Sciences, the School of Humanities, the Department of Linguistics, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and the Department of French and Italian.