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TOC: Two Sciences Of Mind

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  • Paul Mc Kevitt, TWO SCIENCES OF MIND


    Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 17:09:31 +0200
    From: Paul Mc Kevitt <>

    edited by: Se/an /O Nuall/ain (Dublin City University [DCU], Ireland and National Research Council [NRC], Ottawa, Canada)

    Paul Mc Kevitt (Aalborg University, Denmark and University of Sheffield, England)

    Eoghan Mac Aog/ain (Instidiud Teangeolaiochta/Irish Linguistics Institute, Dublin, Ireland)

    (Advances in Consciousness Research (AiCR 9), serios)

    SERIES EDITORS: Professor Maxim I. Stamenov/ Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria (Institute for Bulgarian Language)

    Professor Gordon G. Globus/ University of California at Irvine, CA, USA

    Editorial Board: David Chalmers, Walter Freeman, Ray Jackendoff, Christof Koch, Stephen Kosslyn, George Mandler, Ernst Poppel, Richard Rorty, John Searle, Petra Stoerig, Geoffrey Underwood, Francisco Varela

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    PRICE: US$ 34.95 (ca. 450 pp. pb.) ISBN-Numbers: USA/North America: 1-55619-189-8 Rest of world: 90 272 51290 ______________________________________________________________________

    The Reaching for Mind workshop, held at AISB '95, explicitly addressed itself to the current crisis in Cognitive Science. In particular, the issue of how this discipline can address consciousness was a leitmotif in the workshop. The conclusion seems inescapable that there is a need for two sciences in this area. Cognitive Science can be freed to become a fully-fledged experimental epistemology by the creation of a science of consciousness encompassing also subjectivity. This exciting collection of papers indicates where both these sciences may be heading. Contributors include Bernard Baars, John Taylor, William Hoffman and Se/an /O Nuall/ain.

    The `Reaching for Mind' workshop, held at AISB '95, addressed the current crisis in Cognitive Science, in particular the issue of consciousness. This exciting selection of papers discusses the need for two sciences in this area: a science of consciousness which encompasses subjectivity and Cognitive Science as a fully-fledged experimental epistemnology. Contributors include Bernard Baars, John Taylor, William Hoffman and Se/an /O Nuall/ain.

    Proceedings of "Reaching for Mind: Foundations of Cognitive Science" AISB-95 Workshop, April 3rd/4th 1995, at The Tenth Biennial Conference on AI and Cognitive Science (AISB-95) (Theme: Hybrid Problems, Hybrid Solutions), Halifax Hall, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England (Monday 3rd -- Friday 7th April 1995). ______________________________________________________________________

    TABLE OF CONTENTS: + Introduction Se/an /O Nuall/ain

    PART I: +Cognitive Science in Crisis? Se/an /O Nuall/ain + Reinventing the Square Wheel: the nature of the crisis in cognitive science Phil Kime + Biomolecular Cognitive Science Ajit Narayanan + The Search for Mind: a new foundation for cognitive science Se/an /O Nuall/ain + The Lion, The Bat and the Wardrobe: myth and metaphors in cognitive science Stuart Watt + Crisis? What Crisis? Church's thesis and the scope of cognitive science P.D. Scott + What's Psychological and What's Not? the act/content confusion in cognitive science, artificial intelligence and linguistic theory Terry Dartnall + Is Cognition an Autonomous Subsystem? Mark H. Bickhard

    PART II: +Epistemology and Methodology Se/an /O Nuall/ain + How to ground Symbols Adaptively K.F. MacDorman + From Chinese Rooms to Irish Rooms: new words on visions for language Paul Mc Kevitt and Chengming Guo + The Role of the Systematicity Argument in Classicism and Connectionism Kenneth Aizawa + Connectionism, Tri-Level Functionalism and Causal Roles Istv/an S.N. Berkeley + Emotion and the Conceptual Theory of Mind Craig DeLancey + Remembering, Rehearsal and Empathy: towards a social and embodied cognitive psychology for artifacts Kerstin Dautenhahn and Thomas Cristaller

    PART III: +Consciousness and Selfhood Se/an /O Nuall/ain + Reconciling the Two Images Andrew Brook + Consciousness and Common-Sense Metaphors of Mind John A. Barnden + Some Consequences of Current Scientific Treatments of Consciousness and Selfhood Se/an /O Nuall/ain + Idle Thoughts B.F. Katz and N.C. Riley + Consciousness: a requirement for understanding natural language G/erard Sabah + A Neurocognitive Model for Consciousness and Attention James Newman, Bernard Baars and Sung-Bae Cho + Modelling Consciousness J.G. Taylor + Mind and the Geometry of Systems William C. Hoffman

    + Index ______________________________________________________________________ ABOUT THE EDITORS:

    Se/an /O Nuall/ain holds an M.Sc. in Psychology from University College, Dublin (UCD), Ireland and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. He is currently on sabbatical leave at the National Research Council (NRC), Canada from his Associate Professor (tenured lecturing) post at Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland where he initiated and directed the B.Sc. in Applied Computational Linguistics. He is the author of a book on the foundations of Cognitive Science: "The Search for Mind" (Ablex, 1995). He has run the international workshop on "Reaching for Mind" (co-chair Paul Mc Kevitt) at Sheffield, England in April, 1995.

    Paul Mc Kevitt is 32 and from D/un Na nGall (Donegal), Ireland on the Northwest of the EU. He is a Visiting Professor of Intelligent Multimedia Computing at Aalborg University in Denmark, EU and a British EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) Advanced Fellow in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield in Sheffield, England, EU. The Fellowship, commenced in 1994, and releases him from his Associate Professorship (tenured Lecturership) for 5 years to conduct full-time research on the integration of natural language, speech and vision processing. He is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Education at the University of Sheffield. He completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Exeter, England in 1991. His Master's Degree in Computer Science was obtained from New Mexico State University, New Mexico, USA in 1988 and his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin, Ireland in 1985. His primary research interests are in Natural Language Processing (NLP) including the processing of pragmatics, beliefs and intentions in dialogue. He is also interested in Philosophy, Multimedia and the general area of Artificial Intelligence.

    Eoghan Mac Aog/ain is Director of Instidiud Teangeolaiochta (Linguistics Institute) of Ireland. He studied philosophy at University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland and psychology at the Centre for Advanced Study in Theoretical Psychology at the University of Alberta, Canada. He has participated in a number of EU Natural Language Processing (NLP) projects, and is currently involved on PAROLE, which will provide computational lexica and corpora for 13 Union languages to a common standard. His interests include corpus-based approaches to grammar writing and the design of language learning programmes. He is the fonder editor of the international journal: Language, Culture and Curriculum.

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