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Sat Nov 23 1996

Calls: Linguistics Association of Great Britain

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  1. "billy clark", CONFS: Linguistics Association of Great Britain

Message 1: CONFS: Linguistics Association of Great Britain

Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 17:08:28 GMT
From: "billy clark" <>
Subject: CONFS: Linguistics Association of Great Britain

Spring Meeting 1997: University of Edinburgh

First Circular and Call for Papers

The 1997 Spring Meeting will be held from Monday 7 to Wednesday 9
April at the University of Edinburgh, where the Association will
be the guests of the Department of Linguistics. The Local
Organiser is Alice Turk (

The conference immediately follows the 1997 meeting of GALA
("Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition"), which takes
place at the University of Edinburgh from the 4th to 6th of April
(further information on:

Events: The Linguistcs Association 1997 Lecture on the Monday
evening will be delivered by Professor Joan Bresnan (Stanford).

There will be a Workshop on The Role of Morphology in Current
Syntactic Theory organised by Kersti Boerjars and Nigel Vincent
(University of Manchester). In much recent work on syntactic
theory, analyses have made the tacit assumption that
morphological and syntactic elements obey the same principles
(e.g. c-command) and can be expressed in the same notation
(i.e. trees). At the same time, a number of influential
morphologists (e.g. Anderson, Aronoff and Beard) have argued for
the separationist hypothesis according to which morphological
constructs obey a set of independent principles which only
partly, or not at all, overlap with the set of syntactic
principles. In this workshop we will explore within a number of
frameworks the consequences of this renewed interest in the
interaction and integration of morphological and syntactic
data. We will look particularly at Lexical-Functional Grammar,
Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar and the Minimalist
Program. There will be talks by Joan Bresnan (Stanford), Elisabet
Engdahl (Gothenburg), Gillian Ramchand (Oxford) and Greg Stump
(Kentucky) and these will be followed by a general discussion.

The Language Tutorial will be on languages of Central Australia,
and will be given by Jane Simpson (University of Sydney) and,
possibly, Mary Laughren (University of Queensland) and David
Nash. Central Australian languages such as Warumungu, Warlpiri
and Warlmanpa use agglutinative morphology to show grammatical
relations, rather than word order which is thereby freed up for
other functions. However, there is evidence for underlyingly
right-headed phrases. There is striking convergence of grammars,
in contrast with morphemes and some superficial phonological
properties. The latter act as markers of different languages,
while a source for the former may be the multilingualism of many
older speakers.

There will be a Wine Party on the Monday evening, following
Professor Bresnan's lecture, sponsored by the Department of

Enquiries about the LAGB meeting should be sent to the Meetings
Secretary (address below). Full details of the programme and a
booking form will be included in the Second Circular, to be sent
in January.

Call for Papers: Members and potential guests are invited to
offer papers for the Meeting; abstracts are also accepted from
non-members. The LAGB welcomes submissions on any linguistics or
linguistics- related topic. Abstracts must arrive by 13 January
1997 and should be sent in the format outlined below to the
following address: Professor G. Corbett, Linguistic and
International Studies, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey,
GU2 5XH. Papers are selected anonymously - only the President
knows the names of authors.

Abstracts must be presented as follows: submit SEVEN anonymous
copies of the abstract, plus ONE with name and affiliation,
i.e. CAMERA- READY. The complete abstract containing your title
and your name must be no longer than ONE A4 page (8.27" x 11.69")
with margins of at least 1" on all sides. You may use single
spacing (not more than six lines to the inch) and type must be no
smaller than 12 characters per inch. Type uniformly in black
(near-letter quality on a word processor) and make any additions
in black. It is preferable to print out the abstracts using a
laser printer, since if the paper is accepted the abstract will
be photocopied and inserted directly into the collection of
abstracts sent out to participants. WRITE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS

The following layout should be considered as standard:

 (title) Optimality and the Klingon vowel shift
 (speaker) Clark Kent
 (institution) Department of Astrology, Eastern Mars University

The normal length for papers delivered at LAGB meetings is 25

(plus 15 minutes discussion). Offers of squibs (10 minutes) or
longer papers (40 minutes) will also be considered: please
explain why your paper requires less or more time than usual.

N.B. ABSTRACTS SUBMISSION DATES: These are always announced in
the First Circular for the Meeting in question. Any member who
fears that they may receive the First Circular too late to be
able to submit an abstract before the deadline specified can be
assured that an abstract received by the President by JANUARY 1
or JUNE 1 will always be considered for the next meeting.

Conference Bursaries: There will be a maximum of 10 bursaries
available to unsalaried members of the Association (e.g. PhD
students) with preference given to those who are presenting a
paper. Applications should be sent to the President, and must be
received by 4 June 1996. Please state on your application: (a)
date of joining the LAGB; (b) whether or not you are an
undergraduate or postgraduate student; (c) if a student, whether
you receive a normal grant; (d) if not a student, your employment
apply for funding should include all the above details WITH THEIR

Guests: Members may invite any number of guests to meetings of
the association, upon payment of a stlg5 guest invitation fee.

Annual General Meeting: is to be held on the afternoon of Tuesday
8 April. Items for the agenda should be sent to the Honorary

Elections of President and Membership Secretary: Nominations are
sought for the position of President, which becomes vacant with
the retirement of Greville Corbett, and for the position of
Membership Secretary, which becomes vacant with the retirement of
Kersti Boerjars. All names should be sent to the Honorary
Secretary by 13 January 1996; nominations should be proposed and
seconded, and proposers should make sure that their nominee is
willing to stand for election.

Nominations for speakers: Nominations are requested for future
guest speakers; all suggestions should be sent to the Honorary

Changes of address: Members are reminded to notify the Membership
Secretary (address below) of changes of address. An institutional
address is preferred; bulk mailing saves postage.

Committee members:

President: Professor Greville Corbett (

Honorary Secretary: Dr. David Adger (

Membership Secretary: Dr. Kersti Boerjars (

Meetings Secretary: Dr. Billy Clark (

Treasurer: Dr. Paul Rowlett (

Assistant Secretary: Dr. April McMahon (

BLN Editor: Dr. Siew-Yue Killingley, Grevatt and Grevatt, 9 Rectory

Internet home page: The LAGB internet home page is now active at
the following address:
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