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Fri Nov 29 1996

Calls: Southeast Asian Ling, Computational Psycholinguistics

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  1. F. K. Lehman (F. K.L. Chit Hlaing), Southeast Asian Linguistics Society Conference Call
  2. Dan Jurafsky, Computational Psycholinguistics 1997

Message 1: Southeast Asian Linguistics Society Conference Call

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 09:56:05 CST
From: F. K. Lehman (F. K.L. Chit Hlaing) <>
Subject: Southeast Asian Linguistics Society Conference Call
 May 9 - 11, 1996
 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The conference will feature papers on any of the languages of Southeast
Asia. Topics will include:

* descriptive, theoretical or historical linguistic 
 language planning
* literacy
* bilingual education
* linguistic anthropology 
* language atitudes and ideology 
 discourse and conversational analysis
* language and gender 
 language and politics

Abstracts are invited for the conference. By February 5, 1997 please
submit five copies of an anonymous abstract with a separate 3 x 5"
card identifying:

1. the author, his/her affiliation;
2. address where notification or rejection should be mailed in
3. daytime telephone number; and

4. e-mail address, if available.

The abstract should not exceed one page; an additional page of data
and references may be submitted.

Papers presented at SEALS VII will be published in the Society's
Proceedings (by the Southeast Asia Program, Arizona State University).
To ensure inclusion in the volume, authors are asked to submit a
camera-ready copy of their papers by August 15, 1997. Presentations
will be 20 minutes in length, with 10 minutes for questions.

Enquiries, Registration and Submissions to:
SEALS c/o F.K. Lehman
Department of Anthropology
University of Illinois at Utbana-Champaign
109 Davenport Hall
607 South Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
U. S. A.
Telephone / e-mail: (217) 333 - 8423 or



Date of Arrival: Date of Departure:

Enclosed is my check of money order payable to SEALS for the

Registration Fee (includes 5 coffee breaks and reception):

 Students Non-students
Before April 1, 1997 _____$40 _____$55
After April 1, 1996 _____$45 _____$60
Luncheon on May 9th _____$20 _____$15

Total Enclosed

Information about accomodations will be included in subsequent

F.K. Lehman (U Chit Hlaing)
Dep't. of Anthropology
University of Illinois
109 Davenport Hall
607 S. Mathews Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801 U.S.A.
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Message 2: Computational Psycholinguistics 1997

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 10:17:10 MST
From: Dan Jurafsky <jurafskyColorado.EDU>
Subject: Computational Psycholinguistics 1997


	 Conference on Computational Psycholinguistics
			 CPL '97

			 August 10-12, 1997
			 Berkeley, California
	 In Conjunction with Cognitive Science 1997

			 Sponsored by the
		 Cognitive Science Society
	 International Computer Science Institute
 Institute for Cognitive Science, University of Colorado
	 Psychology Department, University of Chicago
	 Institute for Cognitive Studies, UC Berkeley

		 ******* Invited Speakers ******

			 Jeff Elman
			 Ted Gibson
			 Mark Seidenberg
			 Paul Smolensky


This conference is intended to bring together researchers who
work on psychologically motivated computational models of human
language. We solicit contributions on models of linguistic
processing, acquisition, or representation at every level:
phonetic, phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic, and
pragmatic. The goal of the conference is to build bridges
between computationally oriented researchers who have focused on
different aspects of human language processing.


We solicit extended abstracts for oral or poster presentations on
psychologically motivated computational models of human language
processing, or empirical or theoretical results bearing on such
models. Papers/posters may concern any aspect of human language
processing, including but not limited to:

 phonetic, phonological, or morphological processing
 lexical access
 acquisition of phonology or morphology
 acquisition of syntax and semantics
 syntactic parsing
 semantic and pragmatic interpretation, text understanding
 conversation (e.g. turn taking, pauses, discourse cues)
 lexical choice

Authors are urged to write for computationally literate
researchers that may not be in their own subfield. We hope the
conference will afford people an opportunity to present work in
progress for feedback, and to get ideas and epiphanies from other
computational or psychological researchers with different
backgrounds. To facilitate the interchange of ideas, the
schedule will set aside a significant amount of time for
discussion, as well as an outing, probably to Napa for


The submission should consist of a title/identification page plus
an abstract.

The title page should contain the title, author(s),
affiliation(s), and the submitting author's mailing address,
telephone number, fax number and e-mail address, as well as a
Please note that oral presentations and posters will be
considered to be of equal status at this conference; as a result,
they will be reviewed equally, and will have equal chances of
appearing in subsequent publications. In order to help place
oral and poster presentations on an equal footing, both poster
and oral presenters will give 2-3 oral summary "previews" of
their presentations. However, authors may not get their first
choice of presentation method because of scheduling conflicts.

The actual abstract should be 2-3 pages long, in sufficient
detail to allow substantive evaluation. It should not contain
the authors' names or addresses, as reviewing will be blind.
Furthermore, self-references that reveal the authors' identity
(e.g. "We previously showed (Chiu, 1991)...") should be avoided.
Instead use references like "Chiu previously showed (Chiu, 1991)

Submissions by e-mail are STRONGLY encouraged. Acceptable
formats for electronic submissions include, in order of

 1) HTML
 2) Postscript (e.g. from LaTeX)
 3) ASCII (plain text)

A sample HTML skeleton abstract form which may be downloaded and
copied, as well as other submission details, are included on our

We expect that some or all of the submissions will be published
in either a conference or a themed volume. Submissions for
publication will be full-length papers, and will themselves be
reviewed at a later date. Please keep checking the web page for
further information on publishing plans.


Deadline for receiving abstracts:	Feb 15, 1997
Information on acceptance sent out: 	April 1, 1997
Conference 	Aug 10-12, 1997


For electronic submissions (preferred) :

For hardcopy submissions (dispreferred) , either:

	CPL '97
	c/o Prof. Dan Jurafsky
	Department of Linguistics
	University of Colorado,
	Boulder, CO 80309-0295 USA


	CPL '97
	c/o Prof. Terry Regier
	Department of Psychology
	University of Chicago
	5848 S. University Avenue
	Chicago, IL 60637 USA

 Sessions will be organized and contributions will be reviewed by the
 program committee:

 Dan Jurafsky, 	University of Colorado (Co-chair)
 Terry Regier, 	University of Chicago (Co-chair)
 Diane Bradley, CUNY
 Michael Brent, 	Johns Hopkins University
 Walter Daelemans, 	University of Tilburg
 Gary Dell, 		University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
 Mark Ellison,	University of Edinburgh
 Jerry Feldman, 	ICSI / UC Berkeley
 Michael Gasser, 	Indiana University
 John Goldsmith,	University of Chicago
 Gene Gragg,		University of Chicago
 Mary Hare, 	UC San Diego
 Marti Hearst, 	Xerox PARC
 Jamie Henderson,	University of Exeter
 Julia Hirschberg,	AT&T Bell Labs
 Ron Kaplan,		Xerox PARC, Stanford University
 Gerard Kempen, NIAS
 Pat Langley, Stanford University
 Brian MacWhinney,	Carnegie-Mellon University
 Gary Marcus,	University of Massachusetts
 Mitch Marcus,	University of Pennsylvania
 Don Mitchell, 	University of Exeter
 Howard Nusbaum,	University of Chicago
 Kim Plunkett,	Oxford University
 Robert Port,	Indiana University
 Philip Resnik,	University of Maryland
 Ardi Roelofs,	Max Planck Institute, Nijmegen
 Stephanie Seneff,	MIT
 Lokendra Shastri,	ICSI (Berkeley)
 Richard Shillcock,	University of Edinburgh
 Liz Shriberg,	SRI International
 Jeff Mark Siskind,	University of Vermont
 Koenraad de Smedt, University of Bergen
 Michael Spivey-Knowlton, Cornell University
 Suzanne Stevenson, Rutgers University
 Oliviero Stock, IRST, Trento
 Virginia Teller, CUNY
 Wolfgang Wahlster, DFKI / University of Saarbruecken
 Nigel Ward, University of Tokyo


For further information please contact Dan and Terry at
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