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Books: Dictionaries, Semantics, Syntax and Morphology

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    Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 21:30:54 +0700
    From: "Dieter Vermandere" <>
    Subject: for your information: book


    CLAES, F. & BAKEMA, P. (1995), A Bibliography of Dutch Dictionaries. Tubingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag, XX-377 pp. (Lexicographica - Series Maior - Band 67). [ISBN 3-484-30967-9; DM 196].


    "A Bibliography of Dutch dictionaries" gives an overview of printed Dutch lexicography in the period 1477 to 1990. The bibliography contains approximately 4500 references to monolingual, bilingual and multilingual dictionaries, both general and specialized: terminological dictionaries, dialectological dictionaries, dictionaries of synonyms, biographical dictonaries and encyclopedias.

    For each dictionary, the following data are indicated: author, title, place of publication, publisher, year of publication, number of pages and all the various editions. The bibliography has been conceived as a practical reference work: all dictionaries are categorized into thematic groups, listed in the table of contents. Within every group, a further distinction is made between monolingual and multilingual dictionaries. This makes the bibliography easy to consult for all sorts of lexicographical questions. The accessibility is also increased by indexes of authors and languages. The bibliography is based on a systematically compiled corpus of sources as well as on the expertise of several specialists working in the field of Dutch lexicography.

    Peter Bakema


    Lappin, Shalom (editor), (School of Oriental and African Studies, London) THE HANDBOOK OF CONTEMPORARY SEMANTIC THEORY December 1995 6 3/4 x 9 3/4 608 pages 0-631-18752-9 hardcover $79.95 65.00 GBP

    This volume provides a comprehensive view of the central issues in contemporary semantic theory. New articles by leading researchers in the field give an introductory account of previous work along with a presentation of new innovations and results. Thus the Handbook is both an authoritative guide to the major developments of linguistic semantics and a significant contribution to the current research. The book will be invaluable both to students requiring a complete and up-to-date survey of work in semantics, and to the specialist engaged in research on particular problems in semantic theory. The articles in the Handbook are written in an accessible style and include detailed references. In addition, the volume includes an extensive central bibliography which is intended to serve as a research tool for students and linguists working in the field. BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS: phone: (800) 216-2522 fax: (617)547-0789


    Cook, Vivian and Mark Newson (University of Essex, Eutvos Loran University) CHOMSKY'S UNIVERSAL GRAMMAR, Second Edition January 1996 6 x 9 369 pages 0-631-19556-4 paperback $29.95 14.99 GBP 0-631-19796-6 hardcover $59.95 45.00 GBP

    This book is intended as an introduction for those who want a broad overview of the theory of Universal Grammar with sufficient detail to see how its main concepts work. The new edition is based on the current model of syntax that is most widely accepted, incorporating Barriers syntax, functional categories, and Relativized Minimality, and looks at their implications for language acquisition. BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS: phone: (800) 216-2522 fax: (617)547-0789
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