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Sun Aug 10 1997

Confs: Natural Language Processing

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  1. R. Mitkov, RANLP'97 Programme

Message 1: RANLP'97 Programme

Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 19:43:46 +0100
From: R. Mitkov <>
Subject: RANLP'97 Programme

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 11-13 September 1997, Tzigov Chark, Bulgaria

Co-organised by:

	* University of Wolverhampton
	* University of Sussex
	* University of Hamburg
	* Bulgarian Association for Computational Linguistics

Sponsored by:

	* The European Commission, DG XIII
	* Evrika Foundation




		Combining Independent Knowledge Sources for Word Sense
			Yorick Wilks, Mark Stevenson
				(Univ of Sheffield)

STATISTICAL TAGGING -----------------------------------------------

9.40-10.10	Extending N-gram Tagging to Word Graphs
			Christer Samuelsson
				(Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies)

10.10-10.40	Automatically Acquiring a Language Model for POS
		Tagging Using Decision Trees
			Lluis Marquez, Horacio Rodriguez
				(Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)

10.40-11.10 Coffee break

LEXICON -----------------------------------------------------------

11.10-11.40	Designing a Dictionary of Derived Nominals
			Catherine Macleod, Adam Meyers,
			Ralph Grishman, Leslie Barrett, Ruth Reeves
				(New York University)

11.40-12.10	Partial Evaluation for Efficient Access to Inheritance
			Sven Hartrumpf	(Univ of Hagen)

12.10-12.40	Lexicon Filtering
			Frederique Segond, Max Copperman
				(Rank Xerox Research Centre, Grenoble)

12.40-3.00 Lunch break

DISCOURSE ---------------------------------------------------------

3.00-3.30	Segmentation of Expository Texts by Hierarchical
		Agglomerative Clustering
			Yaakov Yaari	(Bar Ilan University, Israel)

3.30-4.00	Information Structure and Machine Translation:
		Generating Danish Existential Sentences
			Patrizia Paggio,
				(Center for Sprogteknologi, Copenhagen)

4.00-4.30	Robust Reference Resolution with Limited Knowledge:
		High Precision Genre-Specific Approach for English
		and Polish
			Ruslan Mitkov (Univ of Wolverhampton)
			Malgorzata Stys (Univ of Cambridge)

4.30-5.00 Coffee break

CORPORA, TOOLS (parallel session) ---------------------------------

5.00-5.20	Can we Improve Part-of-Speech Tagging by Inducing
		Probabilistic Part-of-Speech Annotated Lexicons from
		Large Corpora?
			Nicolas Smith, Tony McEnery
				(Lancaster University)

5.20-5.40	An Internet Agent for Language Model Construction
			Peter Wyard (BT Laboratories, Ipswich)
			Tony Rose (Canon Research Centre Europe, Surrey)

5.40-6.00	Term Weight Learning for an Automatic Text Categorization
			Fumiyo Fukumoto, Hiroyasu Yamada, Atsumi Imamiya
				(Yamanashi University, Japan)

6.20-6.40	Using the TOPSIS Multicriteria Method to Direct an
		Agreement Error Correction Process: an Application to Arabic
			Belguith Hadrich Lamia, Ben Hamadou
			Abdelmajid, Aloulou Chafik
				(Faculti des Sciences Economiques et
				 de Gestion de Sfax)

MACHINE TRANSLATION & TRANSLATION AIDS (parallel session) ---------

5.00-5.20	Gaijin: A Bootstrapping, Template-Driven Approach to
		Example-Based MT
			Tony Veale, Andy Way
				(Dublin City University)

5.20-5.40	Aspect Calculation in MIROSLAV: a German-Russian MT System
			Bernhard Staudinger, Nancy Smith

5.40-6.00	Verb Instantiation by Concept Coherence and Refinement
			Abolfazl Fatholahzadeh (Ecole Superieure d'Electricite)
			H. Altay Guvenir (Bilkent University Turkey)

6.20-6.40	Refining Domain Ontologies for Flexible Explanation
			Galia Angelova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
			Kalina Bontcheva (Univ of Sheffield)



		If You Have It, Flaunt It: Using Full Ontological
		Knowledge for Word Sense Disambiguation
			Kavi Mahesh, Sergei Nirenburg, Stephen Beale
				(New Mexico State University)

TOOLS -------------------------------------------------------------

9.40-10.10	Efficiency and Elegance in NLP: The EPISTEME Approach
			J. Gabriel Amores (Universidad de Sevilla)
			Jose F. Quesada (CICA, Spain)

10.10-10.40	Linguistic Processing using ALEP
			Andrew Bredenkamp & F.Fouvry (Univ of Essex)
			Thierry Declerk (DFKI Saarbruecken)
			B.Music (CST, Copenhagen)
			A.Theofilidis		 (IAI, Saarbruecken)

10.40-11.10 Coffee break

MACHINE TRANSLATION -----------------------------------------------

11.10-11.40	Using Hybrid Methods and Resources in Semantic-based Transfer
			Bianka Buschbeck-Wolf, Michael Dorna
				(IMS-CL Univ of Stuttgart)

11.40-12.10	Inflectional Information in Transfer for Lexicalist MT
			Davide Turcato, Olivier Laurens, Paul McFetridge,
			Fred Popowich
				(Simon Fraser University, Canada)

12.10-12.40	Lexical Ambiguity in Machine Translation: Using Frame
		Semantics for Expressing Systemacies in Polysemy
			Bolette Sandford Pedersen
				(Center for Sprogteknologi, Copenhagen)	

12.40-3.00 Lunch break

GENERATION --------------------------------------------------------

3.00-3.30	Aggregative Utterance Planning for Interactive Instruction
			Tsuneaki Kato, Yukiko I. Nakano
			(NTT Information & Communication Systems Labs, Japan)

3.30-4.00	A Question/Answer Explanation based Approach for
		Customizable Text Expansion vs Summarization
			Yllias Chali
				(Institut de Recherche en Informatique
				 de Toulouse)

4.00-4.30	AMALIA - A Unified Platform for Parsing and Generation
			Shuly Wintner (Univ of Thuebingen)
			Evgeniy Gabrilovich & Nissim Francez
				(Israel Institute of Technology, Technion)

4.30-5.00 Coffee break

NATURAL LANGUAGE GENERATION, PARSING (parallel session) -----------

5.00-5.20	Validation of STEP/EXPRESS Specifications by Automatic
		Natural Language Generation
			Hercules Dalianis, Anders Hedman, Paul Johannesson
			Department of computer and Systems Sciences
				(Royal Institute of Technology &
				 Stockholm University)

5.20-5.40	A generation algorithm for f-structure representations
			Toni Tuells
				(Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)

5.40-6.00	Memory-based Deep Syntactic Analysis of Unrestricted French
			Emmanuel Giguet, Jacques Vergne
				(Universiti de Caen)

6.20-6.40	Morphosyntactic Disambiguation for Basque Based on the
		Constraint Grammar Formalism
			Aduriz I., Arriola J.M., Artola X.,
			Diaz de	Illarraza A., Gojenola K., Maritxalar M.
				(University of the Basque Country)

DISCOURSE (parallel session) --------------------------------------

5.00-5.20	Subject Ellipsis in Chinese News Headlines
			Chi-on Chin, Benjamin K.Y. Tsou
				(City University of Hong Kong)

5.20-5.40	Slot Unification Grammar and Anaphora Resolution
			A. Ferrandez, M.Palomar, L.Moreno
				(Alicante University)

5.40-6.00	Reference Analysis of Deicitic Expressions to Visual
			Hiroyasu Yamada, Fumiyo Fukumoto, Atsumi Imamiya
				(Yamanashi University, Japan)

6.20-6.40	Word Spotting of Radio News based on Topic
		Identification for Speech Recognition
			Yoshimi Suzuki, Fumiyo Fukumoto, Yoshihiro Sekiguchi
				(Yamanashi University, Japan)


SEMANTICS ---------------------------------------------------------

9.00-9.30	Combining Multiple Methods for the Automatic
		Construction of Multilingual Wordnets
			Jordi Atserias, Salvador Climent, Xavier Farreres,
			German Rigau, Horacio Rodriguez
				(Universitat Politechnica de Catalunya)

9.30-10.00	Using Wordnet to Complement Training Information in
		Text Categorization
			Manuel de Buenaga Rodrmguez,
			Josi Marma Gsmez Hidalgo,
			Belin Dmaz Agudo
				(Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

10.00-10.30	Probabilistic Word-Sense Disambiguation: a Portable
		Approach Using Minimum Knowledge
			Edward Teo, Christopher Ting, Hian-Beng Lee
			Li-Shiuan Peh
				(DSO National Laboratories, Singapore)

10.30-11.00	Probabilistic Event Categorization
			Janyce Wiebe, Rebecca Bruce, Lei Duan
				(New Mexico State University)

11.00-11.30 coffee break


11.30-12.00	A New Approach to the Construction of Generalized LR
		Parsing Algorithms
			Miguel A. Alonso, David Cabrero, Manuel Vilares
				(Universidade de Coruna, Spain)

12.00-12.30	Statistical Ambiguity Resolution for Principle-Based Parsing
			Cathy Berthouzoz, Paola Merlo
				(Univ of Geneva)

12.30-1.00	MILK: a Hybrid system for Multilingual Indexing and
		Information Extraction
			A. Bolioli, L. Dini, V. Di Tomaso, A. Goy, D. Sestero
				(Centro per l'Elaborazione del
				 Linguaggio e dell'Informazione;

1.00-3.30 Lunch break


3.30-3.50	Using Supertags in Document Filtering: The Effect of
		Increased Context on Information Retrieval Effectiveness
			R. Chandrasekar, B. Srinivas
				(University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

3.50-4.10	Exploiting Thesaurus Knowledge in Rule Induction for
		Text Classification
			Markus Junker, A. Abecker
				(DFKI, Kaiserlautern)

4.10-4.30	Constructing Compact Representations of Ambiguous Language
			Kurt Eberle, Carl Vogel
				(IMS-CL, Univ of Stuttgart)

4.30-5.00 Coffee break

SEMANTIC PROCESSING, DISAMBIGUATION (parallel session) ------------

5.00-5.20	Word Class Functions for Syntactic-Semantic Analysis
			Hermann Helbig, Sven Hartrumpf
				(FernUniversitaet Hagen)

5.20-5.40	Extraction of Predicate-Argument Structures from Texts
			Sylvain Delisle (Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres)
			Stan Szpakowicz (Univ of Ottawa)

5.40-6.00	Estimating Similarity of Word Senses by a Fuzzy
		Relation on a Large Dictionary
			YoungJa Park, ManSuk Song
				(Yonsei University, Korea)

6.20-6.40	An Alternative Approach to Lexical Categorical Disambiguation
			Joao Luis Tavares da Silva, Vera Lucia Strube de Lima
				(Pontificia Universidade Catolica
				 do Rio Grande do Sul)


5.00-5.20	SVENSK: A Toolbox of Swedish Language Processing Resources
			Mikael Eriksson & Bjoern.Gambaeck
				(Royal Institute of Technology/KTH, Stockholm)

5.20-5.40	Reusability of NLP Tools for Detecting Rules and
		Contexts When Modelling Language Learners' Knowledge
			Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza, Montse Maritxalar,
			Maite Oronoz Anchordoqui
				(Univ of the Basque Country)

5.40-6.00	Learning Terminology in a Foreigh Language
			Vania Dimitrova (Univ of Shoumen, Bulgaria)
			Darina Dicheva (Sofia University, Bulgaria)

6.20-6.40	A Syllable-Based Extraction Method of Kana-Kanji Pairs
		from Japanese Sentences
			Hisahiro Adachi
				(Utsunomiya University, Japan)

RESERVE PAPERS ----------------------------------------------------

Computation of the Preference in the Interpretation of Anaphors
	Soo-Yeon Kim		(George Washington University)

Encoding Danish Verbs in the PAROLE Model
	Costanza Navarretta	(Center for Sprogteknologi, Copenhagen)

Cautious Steps towards Hybrid Connectionist Bilingual Phrase Alignment
	Stefan Wermter, Joseph Chen	(Univ of Hamburg)

Bilingual parallel text segmentation and tagging for specialized
	Raquel Martinez Unanue (U. Complutense de Madrid)
	Arantza Casillas Rubio (U. Alcala de Henares)
	Joseba Abaitua Odriozola (U. Deusto)

Building of Semantico-Cognitive Representation of Different Types of
Narratives in French
	Delphine Battistelli (Universite Paris IV - Sorbonne)
	Nikolay Vazov (Universite Paris IV - Sorbonne & LIMSI)


Tzigov Chark is a beautiful resort in the Rhodope Mountains
on the shores of Lake Batak. It is approximately 145 km from Sofia,
the capital of Bulgaria. The local organisers will provide a daily
shuttle bus/conference taxi from Sofia airport to the conference
location at an inexpensive rate.


Due to the limited conference facilities, registration will be carried
out on a first-come, first-served basis. For further details and to
check if there are still places available, contact Victoria Arranz


Visit RANLP'97 home page at:


Conference participants are also invited to take part in the
International Summer School "Contemporary Topics in Computational
Linguistics", which will take place just before the conference in
the same location. Further information on the summer school can be
obtained from Victoria Arranz ( and
Malgorzata Stys ( or through the conference
web site:


Industrial participants are invited to demonstrate their NLP-related
products as well as publishing companies to exhibit their new books
on NLP. All wishing to demonstrate/exhibit software, please contact
Nicolas Nicolov ( Publishers wishing to
exhibit/promote books please contact Ruslan Mitkov (

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