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Sun Aug 17 1997

Confs: Intelligent Text Summarization

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  1. Dragomir R. Radev, CFP: AAAI 1998 Spring Symposium on Intelligent Text Summarization

Message 1: CFP: AAAI 1998 Spring Symposium on Intelligent Text Summarization

Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 16:35:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: Dragomir R. Radev <>
Subject: CFP: AAAI 1998 Spring Symposium on Intelligent Text Summarization


With the proliferation of online textual resources, it has become very
difficult to find information of interest. Improving access to online
information includes finding relevant documents (Information Retrieval) and
presenting only information that matches the user's interests (Text

In the recent very successful workshop on Intelligent Scalable Text 
Summarization at the ACL/EACL conference, papers focused largely on 
statistical approaches. In this symposium, we aim to discuss also the 
strengths of other, symbolic/rule-based, techniques. We particularly 
welcome contributions that address some of the fundamental issues 
underlying summarization: what is a summary? What is an abstract? How 
can one evaluate the quality of a summary? The symposium will include 
formal presentations and discussions of existing techniques and open 
problems. Using input from potential participants, the program committee 
will present a series of questions to which attendees will be encouraged 
to suggest approaches and solutions. 

Sample topics:

 - Knowledge Representation Issues
 - AI and Statistical Techniques 
 - Discourse Analysis and Discourse Planning 
 - Concise Text Generation
 - Summarization of Multiple Documents
 - Generation of Updates
 - Architectures for Summarization
 - Multilingual and Multimodal Summarization
 - User Modeling 
 - Scalability 
 - Evaluation of Text Summarization

Potential participants should submit one of the following:

o Full technical paper (PostScript, 11-point font, up to 5000 words).

o Statement of interest (up to 1000 words):
 - description of an ongoing research effort,
 - position statement,
 - description of a problem to be discussed,
 - proposal for an activity related to text summarization that can
 take place at the symposium, 
 - description of a completed summarization system, or
 - descriptions of tools, corpora, or other resources, especially if
 they can be shared with others.

o Description of a demonstration or video.

Participants are encouraged to include URLs related to text summarization
(bibliographies, papers, projects, tools, corpora). 

Selection will be made in the following order:

 1. people who present papers (one person per paper)
 2. other presenters
 3. collaborators of the above
 4. people with strong statements of interest
 5. others as space permits.

Send all submissions electronically to
If you are unsure whether your file will print at our site, please submit
four days before the deadline in order to receive a confirmation.

Dragomir Radev (co-chair)
 Department of Computer Science
 Columbia University
 1214 Amsterdam Avenue
 New York, NY 10027-7003, USA
 Phone: 1-212-939-7118
 Fax: 1-212-666-0140


Branimir Boguraev Apple Computer
Michael Elhadad Ben-Gurion University
Eduard Hovy USC/ISI (co-chair)
Inderjeet Mani MITRE
Daniel Marcu University of Toronto
Kathleen McKeown Columbia University 
Dragomir Radev Columbia University (co-chair)
Amit Singhal AT&T Research
Karen Sparck Jones University of Cambridge
Stan Szpakowicz University of Ottawa
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